Monday, 14 September 2015

Youth is an asset. And Workers’ Party has it all.

How long can the PAP old horses hold on to East Coast, Marine Parade, Jalan Besar or even Nee Soon GRC? One more or two more elections, they will have to give way to younger PAP leaders.  Will you still see Goh Chok Tong, Lim Swee Say, Yaacob Ibrahim or K. Shanmugan again in 2020?

The PAP, of course, can redraw the boundary again to protect their 4th generation. But how far can it go? How to achieve an effective drawing in the East? Will the PAP ask the old guards to stand again or send in a new team?

The key point is it is quite unlikely, in 2020 they will receive the same result achieved in 2015.  Luck is with the PAP in 2015 but 2020 is another story.   

What does it imply? There is still hope for WP to have a breakthrough in GRC.  For 2015, most of the WP candidates are young and new candidates.  If you recall Sylvia Lim asked those below 50 year-old to stand up to face the supporters, this is the asset of WP - the future of WP.  No other opposition parties have such a big number of young candidates with good background! Not even the PAP if you may add.

future of WP simei rally.png
Future of WP, perhaps also future of Singapore!


These young WP candidates can fight on for another three or four elections. We, of course, cannot guarantee all will remain as candidates in the next election. But let hope majority of them will stay on and contest in 2020. Not to forget, new and young bloods will join in too.  

Thank god, these young candidates still can gain firsthand meet-the-people and other experiences in Aljunied and Hougang. Again, no other opposition parties have this opportunity.

The PAP can knockdown young WP once, perhaps twice but in the third attempt, the old guards of PAP will have to give way, especially the swing is not at the PAP side.

WP will continue to attract young members, especially those who find 2015 is a very unfair, unjust and undemocratic process.

Young WP supporters!

The hope is youth and young candidates.  And certainly, not the overprotected 4th generation PAP leaders.

This is my message to one member of the Marine Parade team after the election:

“What a sad result let us work harder 2020 pse send my regards to wp team marine blue”.

And this is the reply:

“No to worry, we regroup and see what we can do together.”

Hope is always there and we should not give it up so easy.

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