Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Empower Your Future for a Balanced Parliament

No Demonstration, No Protest, Your Votes Can Empower Your Future and Make a Peaceful Change!

An imbalanced parliament will create uncertainty and of course, affecting our future. General election is a decision day, a judgement day for our future. We want a peaceful change and we can do it using our votes, not through violent protest or demonstration.

Singaporeans are pragmatic and voting is secret. It is the most effective way to make the peaceful change with empowerment ourselves.

We play it according to the PAP game rules and guidelines. This is the beauty of Singapore.  Singaporeans prefer a stable transfer and change over.  And we do it according to the PAP way: through GRCs and SMCs with boundary changes designed by the ruling party.  Hence, it is safe and perfect.

We have given up so much in the past 50 years. All rules are set by the PAP and furthermore, all mainstream media are under the control of the PAP.

Despite these obstacles, oppositions are fighters and fight to win.

Singaporeans have few options and the only option we have is our votes. Vote wisely. The PAP is only afraid of Singaporeans on polling day. Since voters are king makers, we want to vote for the party serving the best of our interest.    

Continuing voting for the PAP will continue to create an imbalanced parliament.  That is bad for future Singapore, especially when you consider there are so many PAP candidates get elected through the backdoor under the GRC system. Can we trust the system in producing credible MPs?

No one can buy our votes. We decide our future, we empower our future with the opposition, for the opposition and for Singapore. PM Lee said selected the party best represents your interest. So, I say no to the People’s Action Party as the PAP cannot protect my future. PM said vote for the person who can put me in the right path, I say thank you very much we are at different path.

Vote for Change! Vote Workers’ Party!

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