Wednesday, 2 September 2015

PAP should HONESTLY come clean about Changes take place before or after 2011.

To discredit and downplay the contribution of oppositions in GE2011, the People’s Action Party tries very hard to declare all policy changes dated back before 2011. It looks more like an accounting strategy to date back expenses or claims to the previous accounting period. The PAP can then either claim more tax allowances or boost their sales turnover.

The PAP says they are looking for long-term policy and so GE2011 is not a factor.  They make changes because they want to provide a good life, up to Swiss standard, to Singaporeans.

We only need to take just three examples to confirm the PAP is a liar:

  1. Socialist heart: Before 2011, the PAP has never mentioned this before. It is always a right wing party. It was so afraid of socialism in the 1950s to 1970s. Look at the people detained under Internal Security Act one will understand the true color the PAP. The wage guide, for cleaners and security guards, is a laughing stock. They are afraid of foreign investment and cost factor, so they set the guideline below the market price. Is the PAP honest?  

  1. Election in September MediShield kicks off in November: If MediShield is really so good and free for all, why doesn’t the PAP hold the election after the implementation of MediShield? The PAP can gain political points by claiming credit of MediShield. Unfortunately, MediShield is a co-financing scheme. We know the government medical bills can be higher than private practitioners, why?  Patients can end up paying more when government medical bills keep on increasing in price.

  1. CPF withdrawal: The PAP says this is a good change as retirees can withdraw 20% of their retirement savings at age 65. In the past 50 years, the  PAP always thinks CPF monies are not members monies. It looks generous the PAP makes this small change. Is the PAP honest in keeping CPF monies without being open and transparent?

Socialist heart, MediShield and new CPF withdrawal are changes take place after GE2011 even though they need further improvements.  How can the PAP honestly claim these take place before 2011?


  1. they checked themselves and remained convinced that they have honesty, honestly.

  2. The 6.9m Population White Paper was never mentioned in their 2011 Election manifesto if I recall correctly. If it was such an important target why did PAP hide the agenda from the public especially when PAP insist they plan for the long term.

    Was PAP trying to be cunning as well as dishonest by not announcing it in advance? What do you think?