Sunday, 6 September 2015

Deficit = Surplus. PAP is a liar.

Is the PAP a credible party? Where is the public trust
when a deficit is equal to a surplus?

The People’s Action Party has a strange logic and mathematics. When the is a deficit, they can say openly that it is a surplus.  They even get mainstream media to help them to promote the false information. And the media, on their responsible parts, fails to check the truth.

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Where is the evidence, DPM Teo Chee Hean? 

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Where is the documentary proof, Charles Chong? 

And why there is no check of truth before publication?

This is the account of Punggol East single constituency before the PAP handed over it to the Workers’ Party. To the PAP, a deficit of more than $280,000 can be turned into a surplus of $280,000. Is this not magic?

I am very worry they are doing the sum mathematics and accounting to our reserves, CPF, GIC, Temasek, etc. Deficit in theses accounts can be reported as surplus and the media just publishes them without questioning. Where are the checks and balances? Voters should think careful is this the right way to empower your future?   

The PAP with the strong state machinery knows everything about the state of Punggol East in 2013.  Why then they want to tell lies? The answer is very simple - to score political points by misleading voters.

If voters still believe what the PAP version of the AHPETC saga, then they are having the wrong trust to a liar. If someone can tell you a deficit is equal to a surplus, then he is telling lies. THINK. Does the PAP still as credible as what they have claimed. Do you still trust a party that says negative is equal to positive. No, certainly not.

We also cannot expect the media to check on the government. They just blindly report what is given to them without checking and verification.

In the past 50 years, this is the political culture of Singapore. It is time for a change. We must question and demand proof. Under LKY, what the PAP said was 100% right and what the opposition said was 100% wrong. How can this be. DPM Teo and Charles Chong are good examples that the PAP is wrong. They fail to prove there is a surplus.
They just said there is a surplus without giving a figure.  We now know that it is $280,000 in red as shown below by WP chief Low Thia Kiang.

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Who is telling lies? WP or PAP. 
We now wait for the PAP to explain to the voters in what way a deficit can become a surplus. Many loan borrowers and debt owners want to know how to play this magic.

As PM Lee suggested voters should be dispassionate and in good conscience. Now, we know the truth we should not give credit to the PAP and we should make up our minds to vote for WP, SDP, SingFirst, and other opposition parties.

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