Has Leong Mun Wai lost the debate? The answer will be in the next General Election.

‘Sensitive issues’? ‘Foreign interference’? Are we over protecting the PAP? A nation never grows up. Good luck to who? Singapore, the PAP or the Opposition.

找不到先例, 又无人指引; 新加坡艰难的前进、提升。 诚实面对,还是继续无条件、 理所当然的 支持人民行动党。

计划赶不上变化 Covide-19 runs faster than 4G

半桶水 50% Learning and Practice: Yale-NUS vs. CECA One surrender, one insist. Education no, economics yes.

避重就轻 不告弟妹只告外人 假情假义 不孝子被迫做公益

Ashraf Ghani: Know too much of the West Know too little of Afghanistan And the lessons for Lee Hsien Loong

NDR 2021 shows a failed Lee Hsien Loong as he happily announced some policy changes.

从诺雅初院到耶鲁-国大学院: 进口的 西方人文、自由、 创意精神 能否开花结果?

Under ordering of Sinovac: Political decision or miscalculation? Either way, the PAP government does not understand what Singaporeans want.

More haste, less speed. 欲速则不达 A lesson learned after 20 years in Afghanistan

情断阿富汗: 伤心桥下春波绿; (塔利班绿叶遍地)。 曾是惊鸿照影来; (新自由主义魂飞)。