Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sorry, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, your letter is not impressive

Hi, Dr Tan,

I receive your letter together with the polling card.  I am not impressed by your letter because your envelope has no logo, no name and no indication of a Presidential candidate.  It looks like a junk mail or a letter from a property agent.

Here is your letter and the ‘not so caring’ envelope:

What a disappointment!  Without the strong PAP machinery you can’t even produce a proper letter.

As I have mentioned in my previous post,Will Cheng Bock withdraw from the race for the good of Tony?/2011/08/will-cheng-bock-withdraw-from-race-for.html you have already completed your mission to make sure that there is a contest for PE2011.  I thank you for your effort but sorry, I can’t vote for you. 

Looking at your envelope, it seems you have no confidence in winning.  How can I vote for someone who has no intention to win?

Many a time the government and main stream media complain and criticise anonymous writers.  And they claim these writers are not credible.  If this is true, it applies to you too.      

I now show you the example of a winning envelope.  This is what I mean fighting spirit and determination to win.

If you are the other PAP preferred candidate, I will not bother to write this short note.

Best regards.


I have made up my mind.


Lighting up Jee Say is for rebuilding Singapore.
Burning wood for Tony will make life more miserable.


The Chinese words use the meaning of the Chinese names of the four candidates.  Tan Kin Lian is ‘light’ and he uses his emperor light (钦亮) to light up Tan Jee Say, whose name means this is the way, something like this (如斯).  The light together with the normal way of doing thing will help Singapore to rebuild itself. 

On the other hand, Tan Cheng Bock is green and clear wood (清木).  Burning wood and add it to the celebrated fire (庆炎), the end result is terrible i.e. Singaporeans will suffer more and more.

Hence, voters should drop Cheng Bock and Tony. Kin Lian will have to scarify himself to help Jay See to build a better Singapore.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock, please don’t add any more wood to Tony to help burning the fire stronger and stronger as we are already under fire from the government.

We want some one with a heart to help us!


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