Thursday, 25 August 2011

A divided Singapore is looking for a unifying heart and voice as President.

When we enter the polling stations on 27 August, one thing for sure is we are NOT electing the government which has already been formed in May.  In fact, it is a strong government controlling 81 out of the 87 seats in the Parliament.

The result of the Presidential election will NOT collapse the government. On the contrary, the Parliament can overthrow the veto decision of the President with two-third majority.
No danger of weak government

There is no danger of a weak government or an ineffective government.  Hence, Dr Tony Tan believes that with the right leadership, there's no need for Singaporeans to fear the future. 

Indeed, the government is too strong, for example, the recently case of Aljuned GRC, and it needs a caring President to heal the differences between the government and the people.   

We must have confidence on ourselves and our country.  Dr Tony Tan’s confidence for the future is different from us. His future is a pair of old spectacles. We need a future with new changes.   
The PAP government is running the country now and will continuing to do so until the next general election which will not only take place 5 years later.

There should be no fear and worry to vote for a candidate other than Dr Tony Tan.  Voting is compulsory and secret.  

Government can work with whoever is elected

Speaking on the eve of Nomination Day, PM Lee stressed that it is important for Singapore to have a good President, and for the President to work closely with the government.

He added that his government will work with the man chosen by voters, whoever he is.

So, if you think Tan Jee Say is a good President, then you should vote for him.  The definition of good President is defined by you, the voters, not the government.  The government must respect the choice of the people and work closely with the President.

The Presidential Elections Committee, in assessing the suitability of each hopeful, was satisfied that Mr Tan Kin Lian, Dr Tony Tan, Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Mr Tan Jee Say are all men of integrity, good character and reputation.

All candidates have integrity, good character and reputation.  You have a choice not to veto for Dr Tony Tan.

What we do need now is a President different from the past. We need a President with a heart to voice out the concerns of the people.  He has to be different from the PAP government otherwise there will have group thinking from top to bottom.

King in the losing kingdom

The Aljunied incident is another case that people’s voice and choice are not respected by the government and if we continue to elect Dr Tony Tan as President, then the situation will not change, the PAP will continue to use their government machinery (HDB, PA, etc) to bully the people.  

Speaking to reporters before his Meet the People Session yesterday, a visibly worked-up Mr Low Thia Khiang said: "The way I look at it is ... it seems to me to be the case that some Residents' Committees behave like the king in their own kingdom ... They expect to be treated (with) priority."

He added: "Now they want to cut out - after they lost Aljunied GRC - part of the common property, to be their own kingdom ... (and) to impose conditions on people who want to use the premises."  (Today, 25 Aug)

The President as an independent mind and non-political person can remind the government to be neutral on this matter.

If allegations are false, Dr Tony Tan should sue

Throughout the campaign, there are several rumours regarding to Dr. Tony Tan’s family.  Even all his three sons issued statement to clarify the matter, the voters still have doubt.

Dr Tony Tan should sue whoever spreads the rumours and not just felt that ‘he was 'deeply disappointed' by these online allegations.  Disappointment will not kill the allegations.

Dr Tony Tan is close to the PAP and he is not Ong Teng Cheong.  In all his interviews, discussions and talks, he wants to continue to be a pro-PAP President. If you like it this way, then you vote for him.

Otherwise, look for a heart, or a high-5.   A divided Singapore urgently needs a caring President with a heart and voice out their concerns. 

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