Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Is there a turn of luck for Dr Tony Tan? George Yeo Number 2

Is there a turn of luck for Dr Tony Tan? George Yeo Number 2

Whether there will be a turn of luck for Dr Tony Tan or not, the oppositions in Singapore have already raised their profile.  Before GE2011, who dare to imagine a potential Presidential candidate can have no linkage with the PAP? Now all the potential candidates want to be independent and keep a distance from the PAP, the further the better.

The PAP is no more a good medicine for gaining votes, rather than that it is now a burden to candidates who are associated with it.

Hence, whatever the result of PE2011 will be, the oppositions in Singapore will be very different from the past.  More qualified individuals will be joining the oppositions in future. The fact that Tan Jee Say is qualify to run the President shows that the oppositions can also produce high caliber candidates to compete with the PAP.   We expect more good fights in both General Election and Presidential Election in future.

Integrity, good character and reputation

We hardly hear confirmation of the quality of the oppositions and their candidates.  Even Chen Show Mao is considered a celebrity.  However, everything seems possible for the opposition politics after GE2011.  The Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) has issued certificates of eligibility to all the Tan candidates and believes that they are "of integrity, good character and reputation". 

Yes, Tan Jee Say, a former candidate of SDP in GE2011, is now considered as INTEGRITY, GOOD CHARACTER AND REPUTATION.  It has raised his profile to that of Dr Tony Tan, a former Deputy PM.  It means that the oppositions can now produce candidates for the positions of PM and President, a major worry for Singapore voters who always think the oppositions cannot match the PAP in terms of qualified candidates.

In this aspect, we have to agree with Tan Jee Say who said his participation in PE2011 would raise the profile of the oppositions.

Tony Tan as George Yeo No 2

With the support of voters in Singapore, we can help Tan Jee Say and push him further by voting him in.  Then we can really change the luck of Dr Tony Tan and make him a George Yeo Number Two. 

More endorsements = more votes or reaching the top faster

Whether there is a turn or luck or not, it depends on which position of hexagram in the book of Yi Jing (changes) Dr Tony Tan is occupying?  The more endorsements he is getting, the faster it will push him to the top and on Aug 27 his luck will (reach the maximum) turn from good to bad.

So, there more endorsements, praises and acknowledgement that Dr Tony Tan receives, it will help him to reach the top.  In Yi Jing once you reach the top you will fall down and start your journey again from the bottom. 

This is called Wuji Bifan (物极必反). Life, business, and economy are all running like a circle.  When you reach to the top, you will have to fall and begin and start the journey again. Just like USA, Europe and Japan, all have reached the top and face huge economic challenges now.
The PAP has also reached its peak.  It will be very hard for them to win back Aljunied and Hougang.  The most likely situation is in the next GE, the PAP will lose more parliament seats to the oppositions. 

Tai and Pi hexagrams: pervading and stagnation

Here we are talking about 2 hexagrams: No 11 (Tai hexagram) and No 12 (Pi hexagram) and also 2 opposite concepts: Piji Tailai (否极泰来) and Wuji Bifan. 

Dr. Tony Tan is hoping to stay at No 11 (Tai) and wants to remain there and prevent his luck to move to No 12 (Pi).  However, with so many praises and supports from the PAP ministers, unions, chambers of commerce, associations etc, people are getting  tire of these news and begin to suspect his sincerity and ability, so there is good chance that voters will push him down from No 11 to No 12.

No 11 (Tai) hexagram means pervading and No 12 (Pi) means stagnation.  There are altogether 64 hexagrams.  If you consider all the hexagrams forming a cycle, then, from No 11 to No 12, it will only take 1 step. However, from No 12 (Pi) to No 11 (Tai), the situation of Pi Ji Tai Lai, it will take 63 steps. This is why the oppositions in Singapore take so long to breakthrough a GRC. There are still many more steps to move before they can reach No 11 (Tai) hexagram.   

Voting out Dr Tony Tan is one of the steps that Singapore voters can help to provide alternative views, checks and balances for a better Singapore.   

And Tan Jee Say, if he is elected as the President, is the best candidate to provide alternative views, checks and balances to the government. 

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