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For Singapore, there is no win-win effect to elect Dr. Tony Tan as President

For Singapore, there is no win-win effect to elect Dr. Tony Tan as President

In the PM Lee’s National Day rally speech last night, one very clearly signal from him is the PAP government wants to get the ‘real’ feedback from Singaporeans so that the PAP can improve its approval rating in the next General Election.

The speech has also acknowledged that social divide is getting bigger and need urgent heeling as what Dr Tan Cheng Bock is campaigning as his main theme in his Presidential bid.

Dr. Tan Cheng Bock was once the government appointed Feedback Unit head. Perhaps, in his tenure, Dr Tan Cheng Bock was able to get the actual ground situation and people feeling.  However, as we all know by now, the feedback unit has failed its mission. Otherwise, the PAP’s percentage of votes would not deteriorate in GE 2011.

Hence, Yahoo news has the following headlines:


<PM Lee unveils new ‘Singaporeans-first’ policies>

<PM Lee’s speech marks new phase of engagement: Analysts>

New policies and new engagement need the correct feedback to be effective.

Feedback from parliament and the President

The feedback can come from the oppositions in the Parliament.  However, the overwhelming PAP dominated parliament will prevent oppositions to be an effective channel of feedback. Therefore, as Tan Jee Say has suggested he can help to bring the feedbacks to the government if he is elected.  

Unfortunately, the government, the PAP and the union endorsed candidate, Dr. Tony Tan will not have the chemical effect to help the government to get the actual feedback from the people.


Yang and Yang – no effect

The PAP government is always acting as a yang force and so they are concentrating on high economic growth rather than a slower growth to let Singaporeans adjust to changes. Dr. Tony Tan is from the same mould and also promoting economic growth. He is different from Ong Teng Cheong or even George Yeo, who are more humane and acting as a receptive force to consider other (soft) aspects in running the country.

The government is already a ‘Yang’, now if we elect a President who is also in the creative ‘Yang’ force; it will be no gain for Singaporeans. Or in business term, there will be no win-win effect.  To achieve a win-win situation, we need a yin-yang interaction and exchanges. The government will need a ‘Yin’ force to provide the feedback support.

The government as ‘Yang’ and the President as another “Yang’, the result will be a Yin-Yang imbalance. It will not bring in a balance or a harmony state to Singapore.

The President as supporting ‘Yin’

The Yin-Yang balance and harmony can only be achieved in the coming Presidential election by electing a candidate who posses a Yin character. In another word, we will need a candidate with the opposite or alternative views to provide feedbacks on the positive and negative results for the Yang (government) to correct and improve.

In Yi Jing philosophy, Yang makes the creative movement and Yin provides the support. Yang is like the sky, the father that creates everything and Yin is like the earth, the mother that takes care of the created things, no matter good, bad, pretty or ugly.

The PAP government creates everything in Singapore, and so the President will have a responsibility like a mother to provide feedback for the actual and true situation.  There are people cope well, there are people achieve average performance and there are people need helps and assistance. 

Imaging Dr Tony Tan acting act another creative Yang, the Singapore system will be lacking in Yin (receptive feedback). Who can then provide the feedback? The Parliament? Not really, the PAP government still has nearly total control of the Parliament.

In fact, Dr. Tony Tan is only interested on economics, finance, and investment; all the logic, mathematics and numbers. However, there is other side of human life – heart wave. So, as what Dr Tony Tan acknowledged that <<With my background in these areas... I believe that I will be able to make a contribution to and help the government and ministers involved in this to understand the situation better," he said, adding that his experience as executive director of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation(GIC) has given him "intimate knowledge" of the global financial market.>>

Does the government really need another economist cum mathematician’s help to understand the world economy and a ‘perfect storm’?  Where are their scholars and advisers? Even that the answer will be the same based on the same computer engineering.

So, this is the kind of feedback that Dr Tony Tan can provide to the government.  Voters should ask themselves which is better? A mathematical feedback or a human feedback.

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  1. Dr. TT, looking at his background will tell you all his life is about money, money and more money. What does he knows about people, people and more people ?