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The Cunning Of History And Its AIM

Happy New Year 2013!

Do you believe what you see? Is this a 2013 New Year firework in Rome?

Be your own Director because the history is cunning. If you can’t, you still have the right to choose a movie that you like.  Not to forget, you pay for the tickets and spend times watching the movie and you don’t want to be ‘conned’.  

But in many occasions, we are just a passive movie goer.  Director PAP wants the mainstream media to present their side of stories and we just accept it.  We fail to observe the cunning side of the history and its aim.

History is certain not telling the fact, especially during the time it happens.  However, without history we are unable to see the past – wrongly or correctly. This is the cunning of history. You can present a history only for you own good and your side of story.   But ultimately, people will know more about your aim and intention and that is the end of your day.

The Grandmaster and The Master behind AIM

My Paper published a piece of news on the movie “The Grandmaster”on 26 December 2012. It talked about who was the female lead? Zhang ziyi or Hye-kyo Song? The report said director Wong Kai Wai was angry with Song so he cut the acting of Song and makes Zhang the only female lead in the movie.

True or not true? 

Nevertheless, a director can really make you famous. Even when the film is in final production, the director can still change the storyline and highlight the actor or actress that he or she likes.

Also, under Director Wong he can turn the Grandmaster into a man between Ip Man and Bruce Lee. 
“I hope that Tony Leung’s portrayal of Mr. Ip is a mix of Ip Man and Bruce Lee. I have to break everything about him and shape a person anew.” http://www.wongkarwai.net/ 
See, how powerful a director is.

No wonder we see a $2 PAP owned AIM can have the magic power to give jobs to NCS. This part of history is true and MSM has to report it accordingly.  But the reasons behind it are not disclosed.  Like director Wong, he does not need to tell you everything in details.  

The beauty of town councils

Director Wong is also famous for shaping different personality and character of women. Here are some outstanding ones for your New Year pleasure:


Oh! The 14 PAP town councils are just like the beautiful women in Wong’s movies, willing and voluntarily want to work with Master AIM. 

When we look at the presentation of the mainstream media, we have to be careful of this attraction of beauty presentation. The MSM, according to Cheong Yip Seng, is at the receiving end. Hence, the MSM is not the director.  The director is the PAP.   So, all stories about AIM in the MSM are directed by the PAP. This is the cunning part of history in Singapore.  Perhaps, with the help of social media, the MSM cannot as cunning as before.

Be your own director or choose your own movie

One cannot deny the director has the final say in deciding how a movie is finally present to movie goers.  We really don’t know the background story and how the director makes the movie. However, director Wong, of course, wants to present a movie which is appealing to everyone. 

Is MSM presenting AIM stories appealing to everyone or just the director? Perhaps, a cunning MSM under a cunning director will not only confuse the readers but also create an illusion to the PAP.

We know the mainstream media is at the receiving end. They are just actors, actresses, photographers and script writers. The PAP, as director, will decide who appear first who are the lead actor and actress.

However, this is a free market; you can skip the cinemas, you too can skip the MSM if you don’t like their stories. 

But not everyone can be a director, then as movie goer, you have to decide whether the movie is worth watching. You have the right not to be ‘conned’ by the director and make him and others rich. 

We now have different versions of AIM stories.  Some like to read the MSM versions, some prefer to read social media versions.  Some, unfortunately, will only have access to MSM. Even that, readers and viewers will still need to know the cunning of history.

Different versions have different stories and different lead actors and actresses. This is so different from the past when there is no Internet and social media. When you have only one director PAP, you have no choice.

But this is a competitive world, you can touch screen and select news stories that you like. 

Whether 2013 will be like 2012, we don’t know.  But at least you must know the making of MSM, its receiving role and its director PAP, and then with a little bit of history, you make your own choice of movies: MSM, SD, or a combination of MSM and SD.   

Be a director, if not be a movie goer with choice, then you can become the Grandmaster of your own.  


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