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The Contrast 2013: The Hard Truth Of Singapore Politics

The Contrast 1792 wikipedia

The Punggol East by-election result reminds us about the systematic practice of the PAP, especially its bad painting of the oppositions in the mainstream media since 1959, has failed. Singaporeans have begun to realize the truth of Singapore politics and will make decisive choice when come to voting their MPs.

“The Contrast 1792 –which is the best”#1 (above) is a clear reflection of what the PAP has been telling Singaporeans over the past years.   We can also redefine “The Contrast 1792” into “The Contrast 2013: the PAP and the Oppositions”. The 2013 contrast has shown a clearer and truer picture, especially when voters in the middle class constituency have more informed news.

With the monopoly control of MSM, the PAP has painted itself a picture like the British Liberty: 
On Left: Britannia with a lion at her feet, holding "Magna Carta" and a pole with a liberty (Phrygian) cap on it (instead of the usual trident), to emphasize British liberty under law. A lion is at her feet, and a ship sails off in the background.
 Inscription: "Religion, Morality, Loyalty, Obedience to the Laws, Independence, Personal Security, Justice, Inheritance, Protection, Property, Industry, National Prosperity, HAPPINESS." #1
And the PAP will then group the oppositions, big or small, left or right, real or not real, all in one picture like the French Liberty:    
On Right: Scrawny ill-clad personification of France with Medusa snakes instead of hair, treading on beheaded corpse with man hanged from lantern-post in background.
 Inscription: "Atheism, Perjury, Rebellion, Treason, Anarchy, Murder, Equality, Madness, Cruelty, Injustice, Treachery, Ingratitude, Idleness, Famine, National & Private Ruin, MISERY" #1
{This is why Low Thia Khiang, SG of WP, decides that WP will walk its own path. Otherwise, WP will also be fixed into the image of “French Liberty”. Low said, "The opposition is a convoluted, complicated thing -- made up of different people, different parties, different leaders, different ways of questioning the government, even."}

Finally, the PAP will ask the readers of MSM to decide on an overall question, "Which is best?"  It is clear that without alternative news like social media, past voters in Singapore were blinded and prevented to have the truth and of course, they would continue to vote for the PAP.

From 1959 to 2011, the PAP and MSM have successful achieved the aim of making the government behaving like the “British Liberty” and the oppositions “French Liberty”.  The ISA political arrests, defamation suits, etc. are used to justify the right to contain the bad behaviour of “French Liberty”.  

However, with the help of social media, GE2011 and PE2011 showed a different Singapore, a hard truth political new normal as some have described. Voters have begun to distinguish the credible oppositions inside the opposition camp of “French Liberty”.  They also discover there are some credible men (e.g. BG, TCB, OTC etc.) inside the PAP camp (“British Liberty”).   

Rebranding PAP via NatCon is not enough

Punggol East voters have clearly shown their rejection of the current brand of the PAP leadership.  The use of National Conversation to rebrand the PAP as a caring party has failed.  Voters are not satisfied with the conversation and other policies change announced during the campaign.

So, how to rebrand the PAP?  Dr Koh’s change within the PAP is certainly not working and is rejected by voters.  

Not only PAP needs a drastic change so do the MSM.  The continued control of MSM will not do good to both the PAP and Singapore and it will contribute little to nation building.

What next WP and other opposition parties

Voters have also confirmed their recoganazation of WP as a credible opposition party in a four-cornered contest.  Voters know the differences inside the “French Liberty” camp. Not everything MSM reported on oppositions is true and real.

Will WP emerge as a main alternative party and finally form alternative government?  It is too early to tell.   Other opposition parties will have to find its niche areas to expand their influences.  Some small political parties in Singapore will have a difficult future and most likely will not appear in voters’ mind after the next GE.


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