Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Empowered Ignorance? From SMRT to Hougang

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“Consensus among the ignorant is still ignorance.” – George Elliott

We have seen the result of an ignorant CEO at SMRT.  As a CEO, she was empowered to carry out the job of first world metro system.  But at the end we need a public inquiry on MRT breakdowns as we have over trusted and empowered her to do a good job. This is really a heavy price for Singapore!

Do we still need another PAP ignorant MP in the Parliament? It will not do any good for Singapore as the consensus among the PAP ignorant MPs is still ignorance about the people, especially the lower income people and Hougang residents.

Can ’I am my own man’ raise national issues?

The Hougang PAP candidate for the by-election is from NTUC.  Has he raised the issue of lower income workers? Besides providing free medical, legal and food to Hougang residents, can he as “I am my own man’ voice out the national issue of lower income workers, housing, education or other issues. Perhaps, there is already a consensus for the PAP ministers and MPs to voice out in one same message – productivity before wages increase.  Can he go beyond the party line?

Hougang, as a typical Singapore heartland, does have lower income workers and the braved one, who requests for a court hearing on by-election, is also a lower income worker as stated in her statement.  Same as Workers’ Party, she wants to have an early by-election so that the new MP can take care of her needs – the typical need of lower income families.  And the PAP, PM and the PAP candidate for Hougang are quite ignorance about her basic need.   

No wonder the PAP only wants to talk about local issues at the by-election.  They have already reached consensus and group think about low income workers, public transport, housing, education and other national issues.

Assistance is not teaching fish catching

The PAP candidate Desmond Choo is his own words:

[One thing I will champion in Hougang: Assistance schemes, such as for health, education, transport and job matching; and a free legal clinic'I want the residents to know that I am my own man, that I have my own vision for Hougang, that I've...executed my plans, and there's more that I can do. So, having party bigwigs here or not is not going to distract me from how I want to run my campaign in Hougang.' (ST 11 May 12)]
Health, education, transport and jobs are national issues.  Without the support of party bigwigs, can you cut Upper Serangoon Road into two, build another school or hospital, or create more jobs? This is why Choo said he could only provide assistances.  And assistance is not teaching people how to fish.

Different empowerment (and different result) of SMRT and Hougang

From SMRT to Hougang, we see the difference of empowerment. Only in Hougang, you are given a chance (reluctantly) to empower your new MP.  While for SMRT, the CEO is appointed and surely there is no reminder of pubic duty and responsibility.  So, the CEO only looks at profit, money and productivity.

Whoever wins the by-election in Hougang is challenged and reminded by his duty to serve the Hougang residents and as a wider responsibility in the Parliament of Singapore. It is suggested that all key appointments of public infrastructure and organisations must go through a public duty and responsibility test.  Otherwise, they will think that they are joining a profit making, business oriented private company.    

Only you, the Hougang voters stand tall to remind the government in the past 20 years on the duty of government, public service and responsibility.  Now, there is a chance to empower your representative again, what are you waiting for, hesitating for? 

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  1. The COI has thus far shown up our world class MRT transport system. From an operator that focus on profits and retailing and neglects engineering and maintenance to a regulator that is clueless and generally going motion of inspection and audit. It was probably fortunate that the system was falling apart and did not crash. Imagine train derailment or collision