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WP wealth creator vs. PAP Wealth Manager

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If you look at the crowd turnout of election rallies, you certainly will conclude who is the creator and who is the manager.

To bring Singapore forward, as suggested by Ngiam Tong Dow, we need more wealth creators rather than mangers. For the coming Hougang BE, it is too clear cut that Hougang voters will want a creator in the Parliament rather than a manger in the Parliament.  

The performance of PAP wealth mangers has been quite disappointing recently. Their performance is turning from good to bad. Without warning, it will turn to very bad.

Moving crowd, creating wealth source:

Workers’ Party as wealth creator

A creator is able to attract crowd, move the crowd, voice their concerns, listen to them, and speak for them. The MRT and bus operators must be happy too, they will have a small fortune when there is a rally. Business activities, small businesses, coffee shops, even the ice-cream sellers are happy too. This is called wealth creation. This is WP.

People’s Action Party as wealth manager

So, who is a wealth manager? During rally, they manage the food, drinks, transport, free goodies, PR, MSM, even the audiences. It is so efficient, productive, so well organised and all things are under control. The layout design is nice but no substance.  The crowd they attracted are not really their hard core voters so there is no wealth created.  

Thanks for Ngiam to point out the difference.

{Singapore's choice: Wealth creation or management?

Former permanent secretary Ngiam says many manage wealth but too few create it

Although Singapore is often held up as an example of economic success, it has produced an abundance of wealth managers but not enough wealth creators, said a former top civil servant.  (ST 17 May 2012)}

There are really too many wealth mangers in the Parliament. It is absolutely not necessary to add one more PAP manager in the Parliament.

Creation is not destruction

It is like Apple against Nokia. Apple is able to attract long queue of buyers but there is no queue for Nokia. Who will ever think that Nokia can go down so far?

Apple adds new meaning to mobile phone, from smart phones to entertainment, information, picture/video taking and internet. They keep on creating new meanings to their products. 

So creation is not a destruction, an additional WP MP in the Parliament will add value to Singapore not destroying the parliament democracy. 

In the 1950s and 1960, the PAP used the crowd supports to get elected and formed the government. They were the wealth creators but not now.  They now manage wealth for the rich and create wealth for the rich. Hence, the rich becomes richer, so do the bigger and bigger rich-poor gap.

The ordinary citizens will need to find a new wealth creator, be it WP or SDP or other alternative voices. These creating voices will bring new perspective to Singapore, a new hope to Singapore.

Ngaim had pointed out the concentration of our ‘talents’ at RI and RGS (or to a few schools) will do no good to Singapore. We do not need to have so many ‘talented’ wealth managers. We need and must produce wealth creators from other schools. Same thing for our Parliament too, we should not allow the monopoly of PAP group thinking in the Parliament.   

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