Thursday, 17 May 2012

From attacking WP to attacking YSL so to make the BE local

And also ‘you go low key, I also go low key’ to make it a local election.

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There is a strategic shift for the PAP in Hougang by-election.  Suddenly, they realise that even they have full coverage in the main stream media, there are after all only more than 23,000 voters in Hougang.  Only Hougang voters can vote in the BE.

The PAP wants to make it a local election but with national coverage of MSM of PAP candidate, it is no more a local coverage.  Its intention to limit the BE to Hougang is not working. Hence, they are now shifting to new strategies:

-     Attacking YSL rather than WP as WP is a national political party.
-     Changing to low key approach because only local Hougang voters can vote.  

It is the usual way of the PAP: saying one thing and doing another thing. Now you can clearly see their colour and double heads.   

Let’s look at the time line of attacking WP and YSL first:

16 Feb 2012
Khaw Boon Wan attacking WP and YSL

PAP chairman and Minister for National Development Mr Khaw Boon Wan said the Workers' Party (WP) should come clean with the people on expelled WP member Yaw Shin Leong's alleged extramarital affair.

The New Paper reported today that Mr Khaw expressed surprise with the WP's "sudden U-turn" of expelling Mr Yaw from the party when the WP leadership had stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with him at the party's Chinese New Year dinner. (Asiaone)

9 May 2012
Lee Hsien Loong on calling BE at Hougang continued his attack on WP and YSL

Mr Lee also gave a quick run-down of what had happened in Hougang.

The WP and Mr Yaw, he said, had not given Singaporeans 'a full and proper account of what happened'. He said: 'Both the WP and Mr Yaw have let down all those who voted for him.' (ST)

16 May 2012
Khaw Boon Wan on nomination centre attacking only YSL

Mr Khaw noted that Hougang has been served by the Workers' Party's (WP) Low Thia Khiang for 20 years.

"Last year, he moved on and handed it over to Yaw Shin Leong. Unfortunately, Mr Yaw got into trouble, disgraced himself and disappointed all the voters. And the worse thing is leave just like that without a word - not a single word of explanation or apology. I find that utterly irresponsible and in fact, arrogant, taking the voters for granted," said Mr Khaw.  (channelnewsasia)

The more the PAP is attacking WP, the more the Hougang BE will become a national mini-referendum of the past one year of the PAP government. Since YSL was the former local MP, attacking YSL is sufficient.  

You low key I low key no wonder this is a Low constituency

Even though WP never admits this BE is a local election, however, as an old hand in Hougang, they know too well who have the voting rights. They are happy to see the PAP classifying the BE as local but making it big likes a national one (with the help of MSM).  

So, WP candidate for Hougang BE is a down to earth person.  Since the announcement of BE, Ah Huat is a low key man.

[The Workers' Party candidate for Hougang, Png Eng Huat, said he's running a "no-frills and low key, ground" campaign.

Relying less on social media, Mr Png said he prefers to speak to residents personally, going door-to-door.  (channelnewsasia, 16 May)]

However, Ah Choo, the PAP candidate for Hougang is ‘I am my own man’.  He even has his own slogan "Always here for you".  But today, he too is shifting to low key approach of campaigning.  He has no activities for the MSM. As reported in Shinmin, most of his activities will shift to low key.  

据《新明日报》了解,朱倍庆团队并非停止竞选活动,而是将大部分活动改为低调进行。 ( 17 May)]

Why is he making a U-turn?  

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