Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Empowering Competency: Staying with WP despite heavy rain

Only u HG 不离不弃后港情10 

This is a by-election of empowering a competent opposition not empowering an independent Member of Parliament. Ah Choo does not have the key to unlock the locker of PAP’s whip but Ah Huat is certainly and competently discharging his duty as an opposition MP.  

The PAP is putting up a comedy show.  In the show, with the help of main stream media, Ah Choo is projected as an honest, young, hardworking and even independent minded government scholar.  Not only he is a unionist taking care of low income workers and families, he is also always in Hougang to help out the local issues.  However, Ah Choo is all dressed up with nowhere to go as he needs the PAP’s permission to go independent in Parliament if he is elected.
Does Ah Choo have the competency and quality of an independent MP?   

Hougang voters know who has the competency. Despite heavy rain, heavy bombardments, negative reports, they still decide to stay with the Workers’ Party.  

This is theme of this special series of ‘Only U HG’.  The bonding between Hougang and WP will always be there and voters will not discard WP as witnessed in photo below:

No rain can stop the crowd

The local election strategy has failed.

The sabotage, confusion, spilt, dishonesty and attempts to discredit Workers’ Party and its candidate have failed too.

The independent man, the check on government, the best man analogy, and the democracy process are not only jokes but also insulting the voters of Hougang.

This was why Hougang voters were not leaving the rally last night despite heavy rain.  Do you think they will leave WP this Saturday and discard their tradition in just over a year? No wonder one independent man predicted that WP would win by 60% of the votes. (Page 14, Today 23 May 2012).

As a reminder, no matter what the main stream media and the internet discussions of Hougang by-election, the voters in this BE are Hougang citizens not the Singapore citizens outside Hougang. The MSM, despite putting up all the propagandas for the PAP, has failed to realize the unique characteristic of Hougang voters – THE HOUGANG SPIRIT.

Hougang is different and special. It has voted for WP for more than 21 years. No other constituency, except Potong Pasir, has this experience and tradition. The MSM is putting a bad face of WP to the wrong readers. Hougang voters have experienced all these bad publicity for the past 21 years.   

In fact, it may back fire all the recent good works and efforts of the visits of PM, DPM, ministers, MPs and PAP volunteers. The more sabotages, the more confusions, and the more character attacks on WP and its candidate in the MSM will result to more votes to the WP.  This strategy may work in other constituencies, especially those which have not held elections for the past 20 years. But not in Hougang, voters are used to this election strategy and will not so easy to be brought over.

They attend WP rallies, listen to WP arguments and ignore the negative reports of MSM. This is how they cast their votes.

It is always not easy to be in an opposition ward, not to mention the opposition MPs. It is a recognized fact that opposition candidates and politicians need to put in more sacrifices to be in politics. Residents in the opposition wards too have to scarify in the forms of fewer subsidies, less priority on upgrading, less convenience, etc.     
However, losing PAP candidates have their career path planned for them but opposition candidates will have to face the challenges of job, career, and business risks.   They have to put in extra efforts to keep up their spirit against the PAP.  

Hougang voters know too well about these sacrifices and they are willing to play their parts to support this spirit of enterprise, democracy and competency.

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