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Teo Chee Hean to be Wong Kan Seng II?

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Coming 2016 General Election, the PAP will have a key hero for smear campaign. You have seen his action in the past few days and how is his performance?

Since the departure of Wong Kan Seng last May, the PAP needs to find a replacement for its ‘big mouth’ politics.  It seems they have found one and coincidently, this person is holding the same political office in the government as the former DPM Wong.  

As far as the PAP wants to engage in smear campaign, someone from the PAP camp has to carry out this ‘dirty’ job.

Teo is testing the water?

Hougang by-election is a testing ground for Teo Chee Hean and he seems to enjoy and is very happy to play this role.  For the past few days, he has become one of the candidates for Hougang BE. It is an old practice of the PAP or you may call it ‘auto-pilot’ or smear campaign.  Years after years, elections after elections, they continue to do it even they claim that it is a ‘clean’ election.  Will it work in Hougang?

Teo’s action in 2012:

<<In what is shaping up to the lightning-rod issue of the Hougang by-election, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean brought Workers’ Party candidate  Png Eng Huat’s integrity into question.
Teo said this “confirmed that Mr Png had not been telling the truth, and had indeed been rejected by the WP CEC as an NCMP. This is the real damage to the WP and Mr Png’s reputations.” (, 23 May 2012)>>

As compared to Wong Kan Seng in 2006:

<<Gomez lied, facts show that clearly: Kan Seng
Mr James Gomez displayed 'blatant dishonesty' in his conduct over his minority certificate application, said Mr Wong Kan Seng, the People's Action Party first assistant secretary-general. The Deputy Prime Minister who oversees the Elections Department yesterday gave a statement to the media laying out the evidence he had. ( 3 May 2006)>>

However, Wong’s big mouth just before GE2011 turned out to be a bad mouth:

<<Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng has slamed opposition parties on Wednesday for ‘wanting to capture a GRC for the wrong reasons’.
Some say they are doing it for party renewal, some want to be the first ones to do so, but what is the election about? Is it about the ambitions of a political party or individuals to make history?’ (TRE 24 March 2011)>>

Will Teo big mouth again in GE2016? Will his big mouth result to more GRCs falling into the oppositions?

There is a tactical difference towards different voters.

Not only they do it in the main stream media, in addition they also focus on small prints in the Chinese media, like mypaper.  For 3 days, mypaper gave the page one story to Png Eng Huat.  It seems there is a systematic campaign to ‘educate’ the Chinese readers that Png is a dishonest person. May be they think Chinese readers value honesty more than the English readers.  Hence, they will vote for the ‘handsome, young and honest’ man.

There are different approaches and reporting of Png But in the English and Chinese versions of mypaper.   

24 May 2012 Mypaper: interview with informant

揭秘者接受电邮访问:揭秘不是要害工人党 我也不会退出工人党

This, in fact, should be a ‘scope’ story and be shared by other newspapers in the SPH. It is an interview with the informant and apparently the interview via emails is conducted in English.  The informant admitted that this was a calculated move.  He knew the consequence but he would rather Png lost the election as he was the ‘wrong’ person. Howeverhe disagreed that this was to sabotage the WP. IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CALCUTED MOVE AND SABOTAGE? We may need to refer to the actual emails to avoid any translation mistake.     


What we can conclude is someone is making a calculated move to damage the chances of Png as he admitted in the interview.

To be open and transparent, all major newspapers and TV stations should publish the interview in FULL so that the readers can judge for themselves.  

23 May 2012 mypaper: A misled headline to discredit Png on purpose

There are 2 versions on this story. The headline in omy is not misleading.  However, the mypaper headline (printed version) is a total misleading headline.  The headline said: leaked letter questioned (his) honesty, Png Eng Huat openly apologised.  SINCE WHEN HAD PNG APOLOGYISED FOR HIS DISHONESTY?  Png was only sorry for the words used in the interview with Channelnewsasia not the honesty issue.     

匿名信质疑方荣发诚信 刘程强:这次补选空头特别多

匿名信质疑诚信 方荣发公开道歉 (mypaper) – a misleading headline

21 May 2012: My paper: The beginning of Png’s NCMP story 
张志贤:若方荣发很优秀 为何未提名非选区议员?

The reporting in mypaper is another proof of misreporting, selected reporting and smear campaign.  How can the MSM gain respect from their readers?  Is it another calculated move likes the informant?     

The Story of Ah Q

For PAP, the way the MSM reports, the way they handle the election issues and the way they conduct their rallies are just the behaviour of Ah Q.  By this analogy, the next Ah Q of the PAP has already emerged.  We will see more of his action in years to come. 

Just a note: Ah Q was beheaded and he did not know the reasons. 

Perhaps, the PAP has yet to learn the lessons from GE2011 and the Hougang BE.  Do they really know the real reasons?   

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