Sunday, 3 July 2011

Moving forward to a right direction?

Moving forward to a right direction?

This is a different July the first. It marks a significant change of how Singapore is moving forward.

First, we see the new journey for Singapore by Chen Show Mao. This in many ways is more important than the next one as the administration of Singapore is in the hand of the government and directly under the ‘checks and balances’ by the people through Parliament.     

Second, we see the right move by President Nathan by not seeking another term.  His decision is good for himself and also for the good of Singapore. A different kind of President will be elected and very likely for the first time in Singapore history, the quality and capability of a Singapore President is considered and recognized as higher than that of a Singapore Prime Minister.

It is worth to reproduce the facebook statement of Chen Show Mao in full. 

“After much thought and consideration, I have decided to retire from active practice as a partner of the Davis Polk law firm with effect from July.  It is quite clear to me that given my new responsibilities as MP I will not be able to continue practicing law the way I have in the last twenty years.  Law is in my blood and no doubt it will be part of my life.  Meanwhile, my retirement from the partnership will afford me more time for my family, to serve constituency and country, and to explore alternative work arrangements.

I wish to thank my partners for what I received over the years: their best efforts to aid my professional success and advancement, and the opportunity to use my best faculties to our common benefit.  The same goes to our colleagues and clients.  I have had many good years with the firm and leave with fond memories and many friendships.

On this new journey for Singapore, to everyone who has in some way extended to me encouragement, support and hope, you have my gratitude for reaffirmation.  In many ways, this is as much our journey as it is my journey: let us forge our way forward for a better Singapore for all Singaporeans.

Right direction and Right Move

Here, we see a top rate international lawyer giving up his usual high paying job for Singapore, especially for opposition politics.  On the other hand, we also see the announcement of President Nathan who is going to retire from his multi-million dollar Presidency when his term of office expires.    

Both are giving up or retiring from their high paying job.  Whose decision is more important and significant to Singapore? One is engaging the people and the other is moving away from the people.

You can find the full statement of President Nathan here:

I note with interest the following from his statement:

“Whether it is in the office of the president or in the executive arm of the government, the country needs people of strong character and vision who resist populist pressures and the temptation to sacrifice the long-term interests of the nation in response to those who merely snipe without having to take responsibility.”

Strong character President and PM?

Is his trying to imply that after September the first, there will be 2 strong character men in charge of Singapore?  And both will resist popular pressures.

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