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Back to Square One? Singapore or the PAP

Back to Square One?  Singapore or the PAP

After more than 2 months of listening, there are signs that Singapore or the PAP is moving back to the origin, i.e. back to square one. 

In the past weeks, news about transport, housing, education, staff support, CPF, economy and political development are indicating the movements of back to the past.  The first one is back to 1965. 

Back to 1965

As a reminder to Singaporeans about the contribution of the PAP, a movie is to be produced based on the story of Singapore independence.

I wonder who will be the lucky actor to do the crying for Singapore.  This will be a re-education program for Singaporeans, especially for the young, new citizens and PRs.  This is just another expected and continued campaign.

<Singapore director to produce movie on country's independence>

[Homerun Asia, which produces the movie, said on its website that the movie, 1965, is based on Lee Kuan Yew's struggle for the independence of Singapore.
"1965 is a political thriller focused on 90 tumultuous days in the year 1965, when racial and ideological differences saw violent clashes on the streets of Singapore, while political intrigue and conspiracy led to power struggles in the City Hall," it said.]
(, 15 Jul 11)

HDB – may be a positive back to square one

A review or suspension of DBSS shows the government is under pressure to do some things to solve the housing problem – possible with a lower selling price.  

However, the review or the ‘back to square one’ approach will not change HDB’s policy of profit making.  Otherwise, HDB will not be able to provide better and affordable housing. This mindset is reflected in the public transport policy (see below).    

[Responding to media queries, MND said the Housing & Development Board (HDB) would not proceed with the sale of a Bendemeer Road site which was scheduled for launch in the first half of this year.

MND has reiterated it would review the need for DBSS, following Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan's comments on his Facebook fan page that he had suspended future land sales under the scheme on Sunday. ]
(CNA, 4 Jul 11)

Transport – Profit making is still the key

The government still wants to link productivity and profit in the transport sector. They have not changed their position that transport companies must make profit so that they can provide good services (?). If they don’t make money the situation will be worst.

[Both SBS Transit and SMRT have submitted their proposals to the Public Transport Council (PTC) to raise fares. This has generated some responses, including a suggestion for our public transport system to be nationalised.
While this might seem like a very attractive idea, in reality, it has serious downsides, chief amongst which commuters and taxpayers (yes, even those who don't take public transport) are likely to end up paying more, and possibly, for a poorer level of service over time.]
(Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew's Facebook)

Education – back to the basic

What actually are we teaching our children since independence? Values, competencies and thinking all these are supposed to be the basic and fundamentals of education. 

A reminder and re-emphasis of these 3 elements seems to suggest we did not educate and teach our children in a proper way in the past.  Getting parents involved is also not a new thing.

[Education Minister Heng Swee Keat says his ministry will be focusing on three outcomes: Values, social and emotional competencies, as well as new skills in thinking such as being more globally aware.

"I'm looking at how we can better support our school leaders, our teachers in delivering this education and how we can also bring in parents as part of this very important process," he said yesterday. ]
(Today, 17 Jul 11)

CPF – no hasty changes

Do not expect changes in CPF in the short term. For retirement, medical, contributions, withdrawal, all will remain unchanged.  If the economy turns unfavorable, the changes will come but not for the better. 

<No hasty changes to CPF for older workers>

["Let's not make changes in haste. Let's study this carefully, consult employers, consult the unions, find out the realities on the ground. And do the right thing for our older workers. That's what we're concerned about," said Mr Tharman, who spoke on the sidelines of a community event.]
 (Toady, 17 Jul 11)

Staff support to 2 ex-PMs – back to not listening

Whether you like it or not, the government is providing staff support to the 2 ex-PMs. They don’t even bother to consult you whether you agree or not agree.

<PM to offer staff to ex-MM and Emeritus SM>
[Ex-Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong will each be provided with a Special Assistant and one Press Secretary part-time, plus one secretary and two full-time clerical officers.
A press statement from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), said the Prime Minister has decided to provide the two elder statesmen with the staff because of their continued vital contributions to Singapore.]
(AsiaOne, 13 Jul 11)

Economy – back to financial crisis?

There are uncertainties in the world economy. All major industrial countries are showing signs of weakness. We are not exception as we depend on them for our export.  

A back to financial crisis is possible.  The government is preparing and individuals should do the same. As usual, we don’t have the full picture of what the government is doing and preparing.

[Singaporeans should brace themselves for the impact of a sluggish global economy in the coming months, said Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam yesterday.  
But the fundamentals of the local economy are still good and a major global crisis like the one in 2008 is unlikely to happen, he added. ]
(ST 17 Jul 11)

Politics – back to square one for PE2011

We cannot rule out at the end of day, there is only one certificate of eligibility issued to Dr. Tony Tan.

Yes. It is a walkover.

This will be the greatest ‘back to square one’ for political development in Singapore after the GE2011!

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