Friday, 7 August 2015

The Greatest SG50 Gift - No Walkover

2015 PAP Strategy 战略 5

Will 13th Parliament a lucky parliament for oppositions?  Google map  

Thank you, Oppositions!

In the past 50 years, the People’s Action Party has been using all kinds of strategies and tactics to prevent a full election. This is no more possible anymore except for technical reasons of filing mistakes.

As reported, we have more opposition candidates than the number of parliament seats on offer. There are more than 100 opposition candidates aiming for 89 single- and group-member seats. It is also expected to have multi-cornered contests in some constituencies.

PAP strategies in the past were aimed to have walkovers, preventing competitions so that they could plan their leadership change accordingly.  From first generation and now it is into fourth generation planning. Is this so-called planning good for Singapore or good for themselves? Why do Singaporeans want a change if the planning is to their benefit?

This out-of-date planning, certainly, cannot catch up with the demand of Singaporeans. Since GE2011, the PAP seems to be more responsive, however, it is a step forward and a step backward dilemma.  Some policies continue to be controversy.

No walkover is the feature of this GE2015 watershed election.  We want to see all Singapore voters to cast their votes.  And it is important opposition candidates check all their paper works and make sure there is no technical issue with the returning officers.  We don’t want to see the repeat of Tanjong Pagar GRC in GE2011 or Aljunied GRC in 2001.

It takes 50 years to break the PAP walkover strategy. It finally arrives. With stronger opposition candidates, it is also expected more parliament seats will go to the oppositions. How many?  This is a million dollar question.

It will be a good representation if the percentage of votes can have a fairer representation of oppositions  members.  All past election results are too skewed to the advantage of the PAP. In GE2011, with 60% votes,the PAP obtained more than 90% of parliament seats.

Will this watershed election turn the table the other way? Or at least the result becomes a normal curve.

Opposition supporters are hoping this to happen. Better still, the result, on the turn of luck, will skew towards oppositions and make history for mission impossible.

Judging from the performance of different opposition parties, the outcome can be very different from parties to parties.

Some may have positive skew, some may have negative skew, and some achieve normal result.  From here, we will see the direction of possible future of different parties. Not only the PAP, it will also be a watershed for some opposition parties.

We shall wait and see. GE2015 will bring the 13th Parliament to Singapore. Is number 13 a lucky number for the PAP or the opposition?

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