Wednesday, 12 August 2015

STUPID. It is a problem of Hsien Loong, not Tuck Yew.

2015 PAP Strategy 战略 7

It is really a problem of Lee Hsien Loong, not Lui Tuck Yew.   Loong creates more problems than Yew since he took over the prime ministership.  Transport is just one of the problems and the problem never gets solved by just removing Tuck Yew.

There are so many outstanding problems, for example, the economy, CPF, healthcare, population, education, housing, ….. As a commander-in-chief, you just cannot single out one minister and one ministry.  You need to look at the big picture. Voters will look at the total picture. Without transport, we can walk. Without money and medical care, people will die and die young. The stress of population crowds, schooling, and housing affect quality of life for many Singaporeans.

Seeing the bigger picture

So, Tuck Yew is just a small problem as compared the many big problems of Hsien Loong. Hsien Loong is really a ‘big big’ problem.  Tuck Yew is not capable in solving transport problem, so do Hsien Loong for the many national problems in Singapore.

It makes people more angry if Hsien loong continues to be the prime minister.

The PAP wants voters to focus on small picture and ignore the big picture. The PAP’s strategy is to remove Yew and keep Loong.

For the PAP, to get back votes and trust, the best strategy is to get rid of Lee Hsien Loong. Failing to see the big picture will cause the PAP dearly.  The PAP has other alternative ministers who can replace Lee Hsien Loong. Public confidence can be improved by replacing Loong.  Why is the PAP so afraid of change? It is a better change, a change of survival.

One or more GRC losses

Yew may cause the loss of one Group Representative Constituency. If Loong remains as prime minister, the impact is the whole country. All voters will look at him, judge him and rate his performance. Is Loong better than Yew in problem solving?

The PAP is quite stupid for failing to see the difference. Perhaps, they pretend all problems will go away with the departure of Yew - an unwanted candidate.  However, Yew can only cause a regional upset but Loong will cause a national upset, losing more GRCs.  

Sunzi Chapter 10 has the following advice for generals:

Education   Sun Tzu  The art of War    Ch. 9 to 13.png

Has the PAP putting the interest of the country first?

Projecting change but remaining conservative

The more we remember our past, the more conservative we are. The PAP wants to take advantage of ‘celebrating SG50, remembering LKY’. However, this confirms the conservative side of the PAP.

While having press conference introducing new candidates at a coffee shop is not a change, it is just a show.  Making every family in Singapore having a meal will make the PAP closer to the people.  

The publication of letters between Loong and Yew is not as transparent as the PAP wants to project. Do people really believe this is a show of ‘openness’ and not ‘wayang’?

Coffee shop talks and publishing exchange letters
are just public relationship. It does not show the sincerity and responsibility. According to Sunzi, this is just a ‘fame’.

Lesson from Najib

Loong pretends his reputation is still good and valuable to the PAP, just like Najib.  Najib beleived he could solve his problem by removing his deputy as he wanted a united cabinet.

Here in Singapore, Loong believes by removing Yew he can maintain a high productive cabinet, making voters believe all ministers are worth million dollars except Yew.

Najib is damaging the UNMO, so do Loong to the PAP.

Taking responsibility the Yew way

Yew made history to be first sitting minister to retire due to performance. Not long ago, the PAP said they would never do this to a minister.

He is resigning as a politician for not being able to solve a political problem.  At least he gains some respects as a general who shows some responsibilities. While Loong as commander-in-chief fires his general and pretends problems solved.

This is why Singaporeans see the PAP as a show party - LKY musical, 1965, …. The PAP wants to go back to the good old days and refuse to change. Keeping Loong as PM further confirms the 'no change' image.

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  1. Astute analysis.
    On Sunzi's Chapter 10:
    1. PAP's cause is to maintain status quo, keeping Loong as their chief. Most if not all who can pose a leadership challenge have been removed, many by the chief's father and some say the mother. The name (or fame) or reputation so painstakingly built over the earlier decades has been quite thoroughly eroded. The symptoms are the anger and unhappiness of many ordinary citizens as well as the chief's low-standing in the eyes of many first-world countries and international agencies, i.e. no name/reputation.

    2. The chief would do well heeding the second advice but NO. There are too many concerns where no responsibility or accountability are given. The country's reserves, CPF, .... The MRT and transport problem is like you said one of the many problems. Ultimately the responsibility lies with the prime minister. So far he hasn't said much about taking responsibility for all the big problems the country is facing as a whole. (He did apologised before polling day 2011... ) And now all he said was he was doing his best, reminding people of what his father did as if that would absolve him of the responsibility.

    3. For the good of the country? Singaporeans deserve a better leader who will take care of as many Singaporeans as possible, take full responsibility for all the policies, consequences of those policies.