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Chok Tong is a liability, not an asset. Plus the Aljunied Effect in Marine Parade.

2015 PAP Strategy 战略 9

[Goh Chok Tong owes Singaporeans an explanation for the failed Swiss standard of living and a divided Singapore. Further away from the border battle, drinking coffee at Parkway Parade he forgets the Aljuined effect.]

Aljuined effect Marine Parade.jpg
Goh is in the white area. Has he seen things outside his white area? Voters must not miss the big picture.


{If I were Chok Tong, I will leave the battle to the young generation and enjoy life overseas with my million dollars savings.  I have seen the 3rd and some 4th generation leaders.  All cannot match the same high standard as LKY. Since I cannot change the fate of the PAP, why border so much. I cannot make the impossible possible. Right.}

In many ways, Goh Chok Tong is a heavier liability than Lui Tuck Yew. He is the second prime minister as well as the leader of the second generation PAP leaders. Made a PM in 1990, he is responsible for the past 25 years of development in Singapore. He first made decisions for government and later advised the Lee Hsien Loong government.

Lui is only in charge of the transport portfolio.  He is not giving direction of the country.  While Goh is different. Being a PM, today’s Singapore is his product. He cannot say he is not responsible unless the rumour is true (he is a PM with no final say).

In GE2015, Marine Parade GRC voters must judge him on this basis. He cannot say the high income inequality, population, medical, housing, reserve, CPF, education, and social engagement problems have nothing to do with him. He cannot run away and must defend and justify the high ministerial salary, high medical fees, high housing price, high CPF minimum sum and medisave.

It is why the GRC team leader, Tan Chuan-Jin wants to make it a low key, low profile election.

[Mr Tan tells Insight that his team's focus remains the same - helping residents and building community ties. He says: "In many ways, there's no particular strategy. Are we doing anything different? No. The work goes on, regardless of who comes." ]

If we look at Goh at just a constituency problem, then we miss the big picture. Goh is responsible for the state of Singapore today. When he was warned of a divided Singapore by Catherine Lim#1 in 1994, he failed to improve the gap between the PAP and the people. If he has done his job, why is a need to urgently promote inclusive society, ‘one nation one Singapore’ now? Why is there a need to make a strategic change of promoting ‘democratic socialism’? And the new NTUC chief Chan Chun Sing crying high and low for ‘socialist heart’?

Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong jointly make the disappearance of the socialist heart.  In the past 25 years, Goh in effect has made policies without the social heart. Voters must judge him and ask him where has the social heart gone to. The social heart has already buried by the million dollars of high salary.

The myth of Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling

With the socialist heart disappeared, voters in GE2011 looked for sweetheart. Immediately, they found one and loved her. This made the full GRC election between a sweetheart and heartless PAP.  
Voters just ignored Goh Chok Tong as he could no longer united his team and brought the election into bigger issue, at least to GRC level.

Nicole Seah made Goh Chok Tong becoming insignificant. She also made other members of Goh team insignificant.  It looked more like a sweetheart against a 5-member PAP team.

Was it a total picture in Marine Parade GRC in GE2011?

We need to consider another factor. Aljunied and Marine Parade GRCs are just side-by-side.  Voters in Marine Parade did regularly attended WP rallies in Aljunied. The huge turnover could not be just Aljunied voters alone.

So, there is an Aljunied effect. Except Goh Chok Tong’s Marine Parade constituency, all other constituencies in the GRC are next to Aljunied. Cross friends, relatives, even coffee shop and hawker centres visits are daily occurrences. Goh may intentionally ignore this fact or perhaps he does not think it is a real challenge.

Now with official participation of Workers’ Party in Marine Parade GRC, it is even more dangerous for the PAP, especially when voters look at the national issues, a divided Singapore.  It is too comfortable drinking coffee at Parkway Parade and not understanding the front battle.

Let’s wish WP all the best and if possible, be a volunteer to help WP wins Marine Parade GRC.  


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