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PAP is crying for “With You, For You, For Singapore”, do you understand why?

2015 PAP Strategy 战略 19 -- strategy of crying

In 1965, Lee Kuan Yew cried when Singapore gained independence. But his deputy, Dr. Toh Chin Chye said he did not know why.

Toh Chin Chye – “He was crying. I don’t understand him at all.”   The Online Citizen.png

The People’s Action Party practiced crying 50 years ago. It just continues to do so even many Singaporeans, especially young voters who are born after 1965, do not know the real reason of  the 1965 crying.

Crying seems to be a habit whenever the PAP faces a crisis. No wonder we see so many PAP members of parliament and ministers are crying these days.



From Lim Boon Heng (again), Ong Teng Koon, Lee Bee Wah, Lim Swee Say to even Lee Hsien Loong, more and more are crying. Even DPM Tharman got emotional yesterday when he announced the PAP Aljunied GRC team.

Do you know what are they crying for? Perhaps, like Dr Toh Chin Chye, there is no answer and no reason for crying.

One possible answer can be like 1965, the PAP is facing an uncertainty. There was a crisis and they were worried. They need voters’ support and the support of Singaporeans.

“With you, for you and for Singapore”?

1965’s Singapore and 2015’s Singapore is very different. Singapore core was nearly 100% then. Today, the PAP is saying they are trying to maintain two-thirds Singapore core. The PAP is not sure whether they can maintain this level of Singapore core.

Do you understand the ‘You’? Does ‘You’ refers to Singapore core? Or a future Singapore without the Singapore core?

I don’t know the meaning of ‘With you, for you, for Singapore’ .  

Singapore First seems to have a better solution. ‘Restore Our Nation’ is their 2015 election slogan. It means restoring the Singapore core. Without the Singapore core, Singapore will lose our fighting spirit. Credit should go to Lee Kuan Yew as he managed to turn against the odds.

But 2015 is not 1965. The PAP is talking about their fourth generation. However, they are very different from the first generation PAP. 'You' has different meaning in 1965 and 2015.

Today, the ‘You’ to the PAP is a tourist and Singapore is just a hotel. ‘With you’ can mean providing opportunity to you, it may not be the Singapore core. ‘For you’ means Singapore enriches you, again may not be the Singapore core. ‘For Singapore’ is the PAP’s standard answer: foreigners create jobs for local, for Singapore.

The PAP sees the crisis ahead and so they cry, one after another. They have a different meaning of ‘You’. The worst part is the PAP does not want to empower you.  They want to be with you and perhaps work hard for you.  But certainly, they will not give your the power to decide your future. They want to practice the same 1965 crying strategy: with you, for you, but no rights, no power, no freedom.

Do you trust a PAP slogan crying for a return of 1965? If you vote the PAP, it is again the return of the dark days of economic growth without a caring heart, without democracy. Just look at the media, it has failed its duty again for another negative reporting. You cannot expect the mainstream media to protect your civic rights under the PAP.

Empower your future and restore our nation fighting spirit are the keys to Singapore future in this coming election. If citizens have no rights, no powers for freedom and no demand for transparency and checks and balances, then it is a back to the past, not creating the future.

The PAP says voters are voting for SG100 and their 4th generation PAP leaders. But they never give the promise to ‘empower your future’. They only want your mandate to empower themselves to restrict your movements, actions, thinking and civic rights.   

It is the same old crying strategy, past, present and future if voters continue to support the PAP.

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