Monday, 10 September 2012

National Referendum for a divided National Conversation

自我对话 4 Self Conversation

The development, so far, seems to suggest that the National Conversation is dividing the country rather than unifying the country. From the members of the National Conversation committee to the way it organizes itself, all points to the direction that it will have a biased ‘and  expectation managed’ Singapore’s future.

PM Lee seems to change his own position and expectation about the National Conversation. Instead of focusing the future direction, he now said that

<“The key challenge for the national conversation on Singapore's future will be that of managing expectations.”>  

Who’s expectation?

Are Singaporeans having an expectation problem that needs managing? What expectations are to be managed? Is he trying to manage the expectations of Singaporeans or let Singaporeans having the free say about our own future? 

It looks like it is another manipulation of the future of Singapore through the government machinery and its associated machines, like the mainstream media, PA, NTUC etc.  

Hence, if the recommendations and suggestions of the National Conversation are to be implemented one or two years later, it will have to have a mandate from the people – A National Referendum.

As PM Lee has admitted that the time has changed, the situation has changed so do the need to have a referendum for the important NC suggestions that will affect current and future Singaporeans.

<"The last one was Remaking Singapore, which was 10 years ago. I think our situation has changed, our society has changed (since then)," said PM Lee.>  

Has the Remarking Singapore made Singapore and life of Singaporeans better? Has it had the mandate from the people besides elections?

Is Remarking Singapore inclusive? Yes, the PAP will say so. But to the people of Singapore, this Remarking Singapore is the root of many problems that we are currently facing.  This obviously is a Remaking without consultation and mandate.

Trying to be inclusive is different from inclusive. Is Remaking Singapore inclusive?

<PM Lee said that in choosing the committee, the government tried to be inclusive. >  

A National Conversation without people’s mandate is not an inclusive Singapore conversation.  The most we can say it is a PAP managed so-called inclusive Conversation.  

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