Monday, 17 October 2011

For PAP, it is a mistake to let Chen Show Mao to sit in the Committee of Selection

For the first time since independence, an opposition Member of Parliament is nominated to sit on the Committee of Selection in the Parliament.  To the PAP, is it a wise choice? Or just to show the public, the government is now more inclusive than before.

No matter what are the reasons; it has created opportunity for the opposition Workers’ Party to see how the PAP MPs work and their performance in handling issues. There are 2 ministers, 2 ministers of state in the seven-member Committee.

Chen is not an ordinary person as he has worked with the top Chinese officials and bankers and top bankers and security regulators in the West. He has the experience of meeting top talents in the world and so it gives him a golden opportunity to judge and assess the quality of PAP MPs. 

How our highest paid ministers and politicians in the world compared to the top brains in the world?  When encounter problems and selection of MPs to other committees in the Parliament, how smart are the PAP MPs have reacted and behaved?  Are they skilful enough and have they intelligently discharged their duties as assigned? 

We, of course, cannot expect Chen to release his assessment report publicly.  However, by working in the same committee, he will be able to assess and evaluate the stupidity or intelligence of the PAP MPs. Will there be a big gap in their image and capability as compared to the main stream media has projected? 

In a Facebook post, Chen said, "I feel privileged to be nominated for appointment to the Committee of Selection and look forward to working with the Speaker and other members of the committee in the performance of its functions."  I think the word ‘privilege’ has a double meaning that gives Chen the privilege to look at the working of PAP MPs.

If this is true, then, why the PAP wants to expose itself for the opposition to observe and assess? Or they want to influence Chen to join them in the next election by giving him the privilege to join the committee. If so, it will be a miscalculation.  Chen with his high dignity and commitment to opposition politics will certainly not be so easy to be brought over.

What a big difference in a short period of few months, Chen Show Mao has transformed himself from a celebrity to a member of the powerful Committee of Selection, an elite club of the Parliament.

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