Thursday, 13 October 2011

Five bottles in our life


My brother sends me this picture without giving the source.  However, it is a normal sequence of life; some may not have all the five bottles in their life.  Some unlucky ones have only one bottle and jump straight to the last bottle. For some religions, the third bottle is a sin.

Anywhere, enjoy your life and complete your life with the first three or four bottles and avoid the fifth bottle.

With the exception of people putting their first priority on the third bottle, in Singapore, the two most expensive bottles are the first one - bring up a child and a family; and the last one – medical care.

This is why people are afraid to get marriage, to start a family and to have children.  This has become our greatest challenge that we are not producing enough to replace ourselves.

We fill the gap by importing bottles of soft drink, wines, liquor and expensive mineral water.  We also welcome tourists to visit our hospitals to enjoy their bottles of medical care.    

However, in the contrary, Singaporeans are afraid to get sick.  We would rather die than to be hospitalised.  So, depending how you look at it, there are some visitors like the fifth bottle and enjoy their life here.  

So stay healthy be happy and leave the fifth bottle behind us.

Have a happy bottling day!

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