Monday, 5 September 2011

Will there be a difference if the leaks by WikiLeaks were made before GE2011 and PE2011?

It is such a co-incidence that the release of the leaks by WikiLeaks happened immediately after PE2011. It was unclear whether WikiLeaks did it for the advantage of the PAP or just simply a co-incidence.

In fact, the leaked information could be dated back to as early as 2005, 6 years ago. If WikiLeaks has the manpower to organise the information and releases them earlier, for example, before GE2011 and PE2011, would it make any impact to our elections? Will there be a difference to the results of the general election and presidential election?

No one can answer this question. Perhaps, just a co-incidence and just not so good luck for the oppositions, otherwise, they can create another front to attack the PAP.  May be not, as released by one the leaks, our main stream media will be under pressure to report on the leaked information.

We have to give the benefit of doubt to WikiLeaks that they released the leaks immediately after PE2011 is their own planning and schedule.  

Just a repeat and re-confirmation of rumours

The leaked information on Singapore is just a repeat and re-confirmation of the ‘rumours’, untrue facts, hear-says, coffee shop talks, and other funny stories, like

Education: MOE has no intention to create more university places for Singaporeans.

Free press: We all know about that the main stream media is under the control of the PAP.

Entrepreneurship: The monopoly of government linked companies in Singapore economy is an obstacle to Singapore private businesses.

Candidates: Poor quality of the PAP candidates and the difficulty of recruiting high and good candidates from the private sector.

Tactics and strategies: Defamation sues and the lack of independence of Singapore Judiciary in political cases 

Growth model: Emphasis on economic growth at the expense of welfare and widening rich-poor gap.

People: The PAP is out of touch with the people and has less concern of the poor and disadvantaged.

Immigration:  It is too relax and there are too many foreigners in Singapore.  

All the above are the common topics circulating in our daily conversations, over the internet, coffee shops and hawker centres in the past few years. Most of them have been known to us but just without confirmation.  

Why do we need the Americans to confirm the rumours?

It is strange that we need the WikiLeaks to re-confirm or repeat the rumours or news. Why can’t we do the job ourselves? Do we need to depend on the Americans to give their opinions and views on our country?

Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as usual, has no comment on issues like this. 

So, the leaks can still be rumours, untrue stories, hear-says, and busybody talks without confirmation.   
Why are the Americans so busybody to feedback to the State Department about rumours in Singapore? Will they make decisions and political judgements on rumours?  

If yes, then we need to seriously consider the rumours too.

Are the suggesting that many rumours can turn into true stories and become fact in Singapore? Next time, when your surf the net, you better ask yourself whether you are reading a piece of rumour or reading a fact, may be few years later, in another WikiLeaks, you will see the answer.  

So, besides white house perhaps there is another white dragon in the making.

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