Wednesday, 7 September 2011

National Divide in Singapore is the Result of Unfair Practices Created by the PAP

For more than 50 years, the PAP has used different unfair tactics and strategies in Singapore to remain in power.  They have been practising these unfair practices even until today.  However, the diminishing return of these unfair practices has started to appear.  To prolong their life, they now create another fear factor: the political divide will lead to national divide. 

As far as these unfair practices continue and remain in Singapore, this so-called national divide will remain in our society.  The PAP government will use the national divide issue to cover up their wrong doings in the past and present.

Over years, these unfair practices have resulted to the under representation of people’s voice in the parliament, in the civil movements and in the main stream society.
Urgent need to review unfair practices

Hence, the National Divide is the accumulation of the bad and unfair practices created by the PAP.  There is an urgent need to review these unfair practices that are created to benefit the PAP.

The newly elected President Tan if he really wants to unite the people and unify different voices of the society, then he should encourage the government to make changes to do away with these unfair practices like the one he advised the People’s Association to look into the matter of Aljunied GRC during PE2011.

The assumption of political divide will result to national divide is questionable.  National divide will be a worry to all Singaporeans.  But if the PAP is not going to make the first move to remove the unfair practices, then the national divide will be unavoidable.

Here are some examples of the unfair practices:

Double standard on dual citizenship:
How can we allow our President’s scholar to hold dual citizenship until she turns 21? How come we allow children of a minister to hold dual citizenship? We are creating a double standard and different treatment in the society; in what way can you prevent a national divide if the citizens continue to see and face these unfair practices?

Curry Spirit of Singapore:
Singaporeans of different races have developed our common identity over the years. We even have our common food, like curry, rojak, durian, satay etc. However, this common identity is under attack from the PAP administration. They want the local citizens to give way to foreigners and want us to appreciate foreigner’s culture and way of life.

The PAP calls this flexible and social harmony. The government seems to forget that Singaporeans first and their duty is to serve Singaporeans rather than foreigners. They fail to engage foreigners to adapt to our local life style.

Creating dividers in the society:
HDB, PA, RC, CCC, CDAC and CDC etc are created to serve the people and serve different races. However, they have become instruments to divide the society and the country.  These public funded organisations are serving the PAP and helping the government to divide the nation. 

Even for Singlish and education opportunity, the PAP is trying to create unfair treatment and prevent students for local university education. Singlish is not a good and standard English but it is a Singapore identity.

Ordinary country with equal opportunity for all

What is wrong with an ordinary country? An ordinary country is to provide fair and equal opportunity to all citizens and all races in Singapore.

If we want to be a special country emphasizing high economic growth supported by having unfair practices in Singapore, then it is better to be an ordinary country, a normal country having fairer treatment to all citizens here.

We do not want to be a special country with a divided nation resulted from unfair practices in the society.

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