Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Culture of “Excuse Me” and the PAP

It is far too common that the word ‘excuse me’ represents the right thing, right way and right attitude in Singapore.

When you are walking or jogging in the neighbourhood parks, if you hear ‘excuse me’ behind you, you have to give way to the children, or even adults cycling with their bi-cycles. Children are growing up by just saying ‘excuse me’ and they claim that they have the right to ask you to give way. 

Luckily one day, I met a man reminding his son not to do that. He told his son that walkers and joggers had the right to use the parks but not the cyclists.  But how many parents have this correct attitude under the PAP’s education of ‘excuse me’ culture?

You are driving in the city with 50, 60 or even 70 km per hour but the car behind you is still not satisfied and start flashing at you, forcing you to drive even faster. He wants to tell you that, excuse me, you are driving too slow so please don’t block my way.

How come right becomes wrong in Singapore and our culture of ‘excuse me’ has educated our children growing up not knowing right and wrong. It seems to suggest the Right is when you have power, rich and connection.

It is quite frightening but the PAP has not stopped promoting this ‘excuse me’ culture and education.   

Excuse me, are your married?

Instead of answering your question, you were asked about your personal life, how old are you? Do you have a boy friend?

Far too often in Singapore, the authority has the right to ask you questions rather than answering your questions. And surprisingly, you even think the PAP is right and is willing to provide them the answers. 

Excuse me, only 5%-6% can reach to the top

In every cohort, the PAP is telling you only few can get the top job and top salary.  And they benchmark every PAP minister to be in the top group and match their salary to the top earners in the professions and industry.

In the mind of the PAP, only these selected groups can be considered as creams and elites in our society.  Other professionals and non professionals are not important to Singapore.  

They have failed to realise that every profession has its own hero. (行行出状元)But to the PAP they have decided what are the right professions and what are the wrong professions.  No wonder our plumbers or carpenters are earning so much less than their Australian counterparts.

Excuse me, ting ting ting is coming

Ting ting ting when the PAP introduces their new candidates, they expect voters to accept them and they are the right candidates.  So, when ting ting ting comes to Marine Parade, voters must welcome her and support her as she is the right candidate.

Even the PAP is introducing the second or third tier candidates as described by Charles Chong, they want voters to accept them as first tier and they are the right choices.  

Excuse me; the government is only serving the right residents   

Estate and lift upgrading, use of public places, invitation to community events, allocation of pubic fund etc are controlled by the PAP government and provide these to the residents according to their wishes.

You pay taxes and they collect taxes but they use for their own purpose to the group of residences that they prefer. The PAP is teaching you all those stand against the PAP are wrong no matter how good and how right they are.

Excuse me, I sit here first

In the public transport and public places, whoever occupies the seats first will have the right to use them.  So when I sit here first, please excuse me, you don’t expect me to give up my seat even you need it more than I do.

Yes, under the law, you have the right to use and occupy the seat. However, elders, disadvantaged persons and handicaps are to be considered the right persons to occupy the seats morally. So, the right morality may not necessarily to be the persons who occupy it first.

No wonder, under the culture of ‘excuse me’, the rich, powerful and healthy persons see no need to help the poor and sick. Those elites see no responsibility to serve the country and the people even the society and country provide them opportunity to be rich and powerful.

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