Friday, 8 February 2013

Political Tsunami, the PAP is just another East India Company.

Since 1819, Singapore has been running like a company.  Starting first from the East India Company, then British governors, a short period under Japan in Second World War and finally in 1959 the PAP and Company.  

All wants to make use of Singapore for trading, for business, and for making more money. They have, sadly to say, never regarded Singapore as a nation.   Even in the beginning year of the PAP government, they had great doubt about the survival of Singapore as a nation.   The 1963 Referendum is a good example. 
Things start to change when we have national schools, English or Singlish as a common language, National Day Parade and not to forget the National Service.  The National Identity starts to emerge and in the Population White Paper they call it citizen core.
It is not so easy to pretend to be a Singapore citizen.  The foreign custom officers can recognize us quite easily, so do the foreign hotels, restaurants, shopping centres etc.  And even on the roads and highways, we behave in a “strange” way.  Our behavior whether bad or good, our English whether bad or good, inside and outside Singapore, all these are the DNA of a typical Singaporean.

When we begin to realize that we are different from others, the PAP & Co wants to dilute it by the immigration policy, by injecting more foreigners into Singapore.   The reasons without foreigners, our growth will be limited; we can’t solve ageing problem, labour problem, health care problem etc.

Now think about the East India Company, when they managed Singapore, there were only few hundred or may be few thousand residents here. They need to attract traders and labours to Singapore for economic growth.  They did that. When the British governors took over, they did the same things – importing more people to Singapore. This was stopped for while during the Japanese occupation.

When the WWII ended, more people came to Singapore and this resulted to the baby boom in 1950s and 1960s. The PAP & Co took over and begun to manage Singapore when we had too many babies and so they started to introduce family planning – stop at two.

Credit to the PAP & Co, they also introduce National Pledge; attract foreign investments (any difference from East India Company?); create state owned businesses (East India Company), Temasek, GIC; move Singapore to a first world economy and continue the immigration policy.

American Revolution

Now we look at what the East India Company and British administrators did in the North America. They collected taxes and had monopoly control in businesses. The Parliament in London passed laws regarding the administration of North America without consulting local people.  They treated North America like their colony and all they wanted to do was to make money and take money from local people.

Singapore situation may be different but there are some similarities.   Parliament controlled by the PAP & Co can pass the Population White Paper as they wish. Do they feel about Singaporeans?  Businesses here are controlled by Temasek, GIC & Co (oh no, we also have fully owned PAP co) and MNCs.   We are not surprised foreign chambers of commerce are supporting the White Paper.  All of them want to make money in Singapore and they need manpower both cheap and expensive.

In fact, the thirteen American states had no intention to leave the British Empire. They still recognized the British Crown. Here in Singapore, many still appreciate the contribution of the PAP & Co.  But as the population grows bigger, more money taken away from the people (or people receive lower income), the less respect the parliament given to the locals, more and more Singaporeans will say no and dare to say no even they feel voting may not be secret.

2020 or 2030 Political Tsunami?

The 13 original states of the USA were quite different in political thinking and management of their states and economy.  However, the pressure from the British, sending military to North America, forced them to work together and through the Second Continental Congress (1775) they were able to form the army.

In Singapore, the PAP & Co has already been alerted to such a danger – the possible of a political tsunami. 
<Amid talk of an impending silver tsunami, PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak (Nee Soon GRC) predicted yesterday that the "political tsunami" would come first. 
The results from the 2011 General Election, and the last two by-elections in Hougang and Punggol East - both of which the PAP lost - were "loud and clear warnings" of the shifting of the political tectonic plates, he noted. 
And in the face of a "rising tide of anti-PAP sentiment", he said, some had called the Population White Paper a "suicide paper" for the party. Yet, he stressed that the Workers' Party's (WP's) plan was worse. 
"The feedback I received from my friends was that the alternative plans would kill the economy and this is euthanasia for Singapore. Between suicide for PAP versus euthanasia for the country... my choice is clear, I support the White Paper," he said.>
Back in the British Parliament during the American Revolution, MPs in the London chambers might have also been alerted of this “breakaway” political tsunami.   But they did the wrong thing by sending army to North America, continuing monopoly in business and taxing local people.

Here in Singapore, a breakaway from the PAP & Co will strengthen Singapore as a nation.  Singapore can no longer be administrated like a company.  We already have our national identity, citizen core and the PAP & Co still wants to see the Lion City as a profit centre.   It is time to say No to the PAP & Co, in the year 2020 or 2030? 

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