Thursday, 29 March 2012

George Yeo as PM leading a Work Together Singapore?

It looks like a remote possibility. But politics is a book of change; especially when a person is so committed to serve the people for his own good cause, why not.

When George Yeo called for Singaporeans to work together, and urged different political parties to work together to prevent a divided Singapore; what actually is in his mind? Is he looking for a unity government that Singapore is facing social threat and social divide?

We can’t read the mind of GY but he seems to work on something. If he feels so strong about the “Work Together” concept, will he steps forward to offer himself to lead the unity government? And if it is a ‘yes’, it will give the oppositions a hope of running the government.

Many voters can accept more opposition MPs in the parliament. But when it comes to forming a government, many have reservations.  We are neither Americans nor the English.  Barack Obama can be elected as President even though he lacked political and governing experience as described by LKY. And also, it is true for the inexperienced and younger David Cameron to be PM of the United Kingdom.

However, in Singapore, the situation is quite different. Not only the voters are not ready, the public administration sector is also not ready for such a change.  Furthermore, the international community and financial market are also not ready for an inexperienced Singapore PM.

But GY will offer a different perspective. His experience, image and reputation will fix into the political picture very well. Furthermore, he is also a respectable PM material internationally. 

If there is an offer of GY as PM and Chen Show Mao as DPM against LHL as PM and Teo Chee Hean as DPM, will you give your vote to the first team?  There is a high chance that voters will consider the ‘Work Together’ team seriously as the second term can only provide a status quo. Our new political normal will demand new expectation but not a stay put situation.   

Beyond Anwar, better than Anwar

It may be similar to Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysian politics. But GY will cast a better alternative than Anwar. He has no issues with the authority; he even has the support of Team B in the PAP. 

After PE2011, the strength of Team B, as shown in the votes to Tan Cheng Bock, can be as strong as Team A in the PAP.  Even there is no split in the PAP; the Team B will most likely support GY as PM if there is a coalition government between the PAP and the oppositions.

The question is should GY work inside or outside the PAP?  What will be his best option inside or outside the PAP if he is aiming for the PM post? 

Another helicopter another colour

Interestingly, the Chinese newspaper ‘Lianhe Zaobao’ has a different angle when covering news of GY’s working together. It seems GY is not leaving politics and his next move is a guessing game. Perhaps, his mention of Dr Ang Yong Guan has another meaning.   

In the Zaobao report, GY said he was not retiring, still doing something and trying to make contributions in other ways.  This makes you guessing (耐人寻味).   He further said the dinner was not a farewell but just a milestone. And just like when he left the army, he boarded a helicopter and he now felt like boarding another helicopter, leaving once again.  

  前外交部长杨荣文昨天在基层领袖为答谢及送别他而设的千人宴上,留下这句耐人寻味的话。  他说:这不是道别,这只不过是个里程碑。
(Zaobao, 25 Mar2012)]

Will he be boarding a unity helicopter with a different colour this time?

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