Monday, 28 November 2011

Why is it so hard for the PAP to say ‘thank you’? …To the voters, CPF members and Singaporeans at large.

The Sunday convention of the People’s Action Party is about a new PAP, tougher fight in future and a word of thank to some PAP members.   Why can’t they extend the ‘thank’ to the voters, especially those 60% voted for them in GE2011.

Will the ‘new’ PAP begin to appreciate the contributions of Singaporeans and not only listen but say ‘thank you’ whenever necessary?  Yes, you will face tougher contests and as PM Lee put it there will be no more ‘safe” seats and the PAP has to fight to win.

It also proves that the magic of GRC and boundary reviews conducted before a general election will no longer be effective and it may even back fire the PAP. Further, PAP candidates have to be known in advance and fight their own war.   

In the great book of Red Chamber, there is a famous prediction about the future of the Jia family:

After 3 generations, all the beauties will be gone.  Each has to find their journeys and destinations.

The protection of GRC and boundary reviews can no more protect the weak candidates. Even stronger candidates, like George Yeo, have to face the defect.  The passenger-candidates will be a burden to the PAP and the voters will not thank the PAP for putting a trainee MP in their constituencies.

Why is it so hard to say ‘thank you, CPF’ and “thank you, Singaporeans”?

We all know about the debt crisis in Europe, the high yield of Italian bonds, and even the difficulty of getting full subscription of German bonds. These countries have to compete in international market for their financial needs.

While in Singapore, the government can draw the money from Central Provident Fund and just issue bonds to CPF Board for their financial needs.  These monies can then re-direct to Temasek and GIC for investments.

Considering these 2 fund mangers as
2 countries, why is it so difficult for Italy and Germany to raise funds and it is so easy for Temasek and GIC to issue bonds?

Is the management of Temasek and GIC more intelligent and capable than the leaders of Italy and German?  No, it is because we have CPF and the hardworking Singaporeans.  Because of this solid backing, Temasek and GIC can then stand so high in the international financial market.

But why can’t they say a word of thank to CPF members and Singaporeans?  When they show off the wealth of Singaporeans to international bankers and financiers, do they know who are supporting them behind them?   

When the international financial magazines and newspapers credit the management of Temasek and GIC as influential persons in the financial market, do our fund managers know the backers behind them?  You are famous not because of your intelligence but the willingly and unwillingly support of the CPF members and Singaporeans.

Voters, CPF members and Singaporeans are the ones make you famous and well known internationally.  Of course, without hearing a word of appreciation, they can also entrust other persons to do it and make these people famous.  

New PAP, they are watching you

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