Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Price of Sex - beyond the face value

Sex has intrinsic value and it goes beyond the face value.  How much is it worth? Perhaps, the Chinese saying sums it all: it all depends on the knife above your head. (色字头上一把刀).

The knife can cost you your MP seat, your position as a principal or a teacher, your commanding post in the army, police or civil defence.  Certainly, it can choke off your reputation and image in the society, your career and future.  Like the following public statement:

'At stake is my liberty, integrity and livelihood. My reputation has been tarnished, and my family suffers as a result,' - National University of Singapore (NUS) law professor Tey Tsun Hang.

It is a heavy price if it turns against you or a non-event if you play at the right time and right place. It is certainly not the listed price stated in the internet or the place of entertainment.  It also goes beyond the sex for grade, sex for contract or sex for position.   It has intrinsic value that is hard to measure and it also includes some risks that depend on the venue, country, guessing of age, open and closed protection etc.     

No matter what, the knife is always there. Maybe it is invisible so we forget the existence of the knife. Some smart people can also use the knife to blackmail you; some hide the knife for future use, and some keep the knife away to protect you.  We really don’t know the outcome.   

However, the temptation is so high – high enough until it can cover the sky (色胆包天). Sometimes, you really don’t know what you are doing.  Perhaps, you have achieved something in your life and you want to relax and enjoy. You think you are as great as the sky. So, you set yourself free and easy. You forget to check the identity card, the student card, the name card, the tender process, and the code of conduct.            

It is so confuse that even the famous quote (食色性也) (food and sex are basic human nature) of Confucius is not from Confucius. # Confucius did mention “drink & food and male & female are the great desires” (饮食男女,人之大欲存焉) but Confucius did not mention (食色性也) which develops until today has more meaning of sex than food.  

At the end, from the history of east and west, a hero cannot run away from a beauty (英雄难过美人关) and overcome the ‘beauty gate’.  Many heroes went down because of a beauty and faced the hammer and knife. What can an ordinary man do to resist the temptation?   Maybe you are a lawyer, a principal, a professor, a banker, a civil activist or a high ranking officer but you are not a hero.   

#A quote from Mengzi.语出《孟子》—— 告子曰:食色性也。仁,内也,非外也。义,外也,非内也。

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