Monday, 11 January 2016

Town Council Management: Respect The Choice of The Voters

Enough is enough. The PAP better spends more times thinking about the future of Singapore, rather than fixing the oppositions.

Before general election, the PAP made it an issue. After the election, the PAP continues to play the card. They have also missed the opportunity to soften their position when a new minister takes over the National Development Ministry. Perhaps, the new minister still has to report to the coordinating minister for infrastructure, who happened to be the former minister of the ministry.

The Courts is a reluctant party in this case. Aljunied and Hougang voters have made their decision clear and they want Workers’ Party to manage their towns.  Has this been acknowledged and recognised? Even WP’s majority is reduced, it is still a win. Does the PAP know the meaning of democracy?

The PAP government should concentrate and put their efforts planning the future of Singapore, conducting pro-Singaporean science and research funding (as they just announced and claimed), and providing suitable skill upgrading programs for all ages. It seems they are only interesting in catching small fishes, rather than their big budget projects.

Comparing to these billion-dollar projects,  town council funding or subsidy is really a peanut. (If you recall, someone described the salary of NKF’s CEO was a peanut.)  The law will come after you if you mishandle the town council management and accounts, just like the NKF, Ming Yi, City Harvest Church, etc.

If we worry about the ‘peanut’ budget of a town council, then we should be more worry about the big budget projects, like the National Research Foundation, SkillsFuture Credit, GIC, Temasek, etc. Are they as transparent as town council management? Who are they reporting to? Singaporeans will have to pay dearly if they are moving in the wrong direction, not necessary irregularities.   

[Urgent things to do]

There are many urgent things have to be fitted in Singapore. In this Singapore Business Federation paper (below), we can see this urgency. They claim Singapore is at the crossroads.


Globally, there are breaking trends: Many of the assumptions, tendencies, and habits that had long proved so reliable have suddenly lost much of their resonance (see below or the video). {Sound likes SG50?}

gobal trend.png

I may not totally agree with the viewpoints of SBF or Global Trends. However, they are the wake-up calls for all the good past practices.  It is very likely we will face structure breaks. The PAP is well aware of it. They just refuse to present the truths and the whole picture to Singaporeans. With the help of the controlled media, they want to present their side of stories and takes advantage of the situation.

[Strong mandate != Structure Break != Fixing Oppositions]

SBF urges the government to make decisive changes after having the strong mandate in last September general election.  It means they want changes in the economy. Whether this is for the own good or not, we don’t know. However, we are quite certain old SG50 practices will have to change. Not only in the business sector, in politics, society and human relationship all will have to face the structure challenges.

Strong mandate does not mean you only listen to business leaders and ignoring others. Singapore will not progress if the PAP government continues to fix the oppositions and society.  
Structure breaks will come sooner or later whether the PAP likes it or not.

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