Friday, 1 January 2016

Eunoia: A Beautiful and Caring Life Brand Planning?

Eunoia Junior College. the new EJC, as reported is a combination of ‘beautiful thinking’ and ‘goodwill towards others’. Singapore educators think very hard to give EJC students a head start in their Life Brand planning. They want to project them as thinkers and caring people.

Currently reading “Build your own life brand” #1 by Stedman Graham, a discarded book which I picked it up outside SIM library.  The book discussed about the importance of personal brand planning. Individuals have to build and develop their own paths - life brand.

Life brand planning is quite similar to Confucius teaching. Education starts from young, from the very basic behaviour of being an honest, upright person to serving the country without fear. Eunoia has 2 SAP schools and they seem to totally forget the basic - a confirmation bias of ignoring ‘thinking and caring’ in Chinese education.

The world is in transition from the West to the East. China will soon be the number one economy in the world. I have read the new year messages of President Xi, President Ma and PM Lee.  You can feel the different perspectives. All 4 key points mentioned by PM Lee are history.

What is branding yourself?


Yes. We can give our students a head start in their life brand planning, like Eunoia. If every school is a good, all students should receive some kinds of life branding. However, we have to admit not all parents are equal. Some parents have long-time ago planned their children’s future, either being a scholar, professional or an overseas education.   

Study shows that the greatest investment return in education is in primary education. If children have no basic knowledge, they will not be able to engage in life brand planning. Without proper and basic knowledge, it will be hard to ‘create a life that flows’. Flows are sources of creativity and innovation.  


Is the name “Eunoia” a magical positive psychology for creating thinking and caring for society? It is too early to tell. When the country faces injustice or external threat, will the graduates of EJC stand up for Singapore using their beautiful thinking and empathy?  Another hard question, isn’t it?

Today is the first day of the year. Start your life brand planning now, don’t wait for Eunoia.


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