Sunday, 24 January 2016

Policy failures or political intended mistakes.

To laugh or to cry?
Elected Presidency is a policy failure as claimed by Kishore Mahbubani#1. It is just too simple to just call it a  policy failure after nearly 30 years later. Of course, we may call it an intended political mistake. It was designed to make rooms for improvements or reform at the first place, as in the case of the opening speech of President Tony Tan at 13th Parliament.

To the PAP, it hardly is a failure or a mistake.  The design of EP is politically intended to blur the voters. All creative political designs under the PAP are for the party, not Singaporeans. As times change, the PAP’s EP winning chances get threatened, they will have to find new solutions. So do the schemes for non-constituency members of parliament, Group Representation Constituencies and nominated MPs.      

The so-called political reform is another tool to strengthen the one-party rule in Singapore. And their excuse is the PAP has the strong mandate.  Even this so-called 'strong mandate' is man-made. The PAP knows it too well. Hence, they have to plan ahead to change the rules of the political game.

EP is a serious business. In a very rare happening, the PAP even agreed (and allowed) to a TV debate.#2

When the new parliament begins to debate on EP issues, we should check and compare the validity of the PAP positions now and then. Singaporeans should open their eyes ‘big and wide’ to see the logic behind the suggested improvements.    

Kishore Mahbubani at least admits EP (and stop at two)  is a policy failure and prefers a minority race to be President elected by the Parliament - the old bottle. This means all 2011 EP candidates cannot stand again as they are Chinese. This will push the history back to 1988, when there was a TV debate on EP.  Will the PAP engage the oppositions again to another TV debate on their proposed reform or improvement on our political system?


The debate:

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