Thursday, 25 June 2015

SG50: From Glory to Shame, Fear remains.

The social media is the new fear target of the PAP.

50 years after independence, the People’s Action Party continues their fear tactics and wants to rule Singapore with their ‘know best’ mentality.  We suppose to celebrate our SG50 achievements, and yet we have turned our international glory into international shame as the Amos Yee shown.

It is a questionable case and the mishandling of the case has led to international shame that involved human rights, child rights and of course, the freedom of expression.  

As far as the fear factor works, the PAP is willing to be criticised for human rights record and press freedom.   

The PAP under PM Lee continues to believe fear is the only option to rule Singapore successfully. Besides using ‘know best’ reason to justify their fear strategy, the PAP also used another Chinese idiom (Ju An Si Wei), ‘Be prepared for danger in peacetime’ to institutionalised their actions.

They want Singaporeans to worry about CPF minimum sum, medical care, retirements, children’s education expenses, ageing, birth rate, jobs etc. They create all kinds of fear for such worries even though their mandate is to take care of citizens. Instead of care, the PAP gives Singaporeans fear.

But the fear created glory is under threat. Some glories have turned bad or shame. The HDB design and build programs have begun to receive negative comments. The unexpected SEA game closing ceremony cock-up is another one.  

Will the PAP change their fear tactic and strategy?  They still have the Internet Security Act with them.  This will be their last resort. Will they dare to use it again for political purpose?

They believe keeping a person away from the public is the best way to silence different views and expressions. It is the thing they refuse to change in the past and present. PM Lee seems determines to continue this institution.  However, unfortunately to the PAP, this is the critical thing that Singaporeans want to see the change.

Fear! Fear! Fear! everywhere.

When we go to the voting centres, we fear whether the vote is secret or not. Whether the PAP knows my voting preference. The right thing should be, instead of fear, we should worry about whether PAP policies will lead to social injustice or not. After 50 years of ‘free’ election, this unnecessary fear still remains. We should worry more about CPF, fear more about the reserve and government investment, and think more about alternative solutions. Why are we so fearful?

Now, the PAP is promoting a new fear. The oppositions can not run a town council. In addition to town management problems, the PAP government can also withhold funds for the town council.  After the fear of the failed lift and estate upgrading, estate cleaning, the PAP now shifts the fear strategy to town council management, accounting and auditing problems. They also create fear for small issue like illegal trade fair.     

If the fear continues and remains in our minds, how can we make the change?

After on the run for 35 years, Phey Yew Kok finally returns to Singapore and was charged in Courts. However, he pleaded not guilty to all six charges.

PM Lee posts this in his Facebook:

[We have maintained a clean and non-corrupt system in Singapore for half a century because we have zero tolerance for corruption. When we discover wrongdoing, we do not hesitate to act. We will not allow any cover up, even when it is awkward or embarrassing for the Government.]

Some are surprises of his return. Has this related to the fear factor, especially after the death of LKY?  We don’t know. Perhaps, yes. Perhaps, no. Anyway, Phey’s life will have a big change, totally difference from the past 35 years.

Will Phey tell the Courts why he has less fear and decides to surrender after such a long time?  Why does he decide to make a change at the age of 81?     

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