Sunday, 7 June 2015

Only 64% Chinese Readers Participate At SG50 Events?

omy SG50 participation 7 June 2015.png 7 June 2015

A survey by shows that only 64% of Chinese readers have participated in any SG50 events. 11% do not know of any SG50 activities. Another 24% either have no interest or do not participate at all.   

Chinese readers are, of course, not the total population. It is a biased sample. However, a strong support from Chinese readers (including Channel8/U viewers) will make a difference of the PAP showing in the coming general election. Why? This is the traditional PAP support base.  

This simple poll, of course, is a not a scientific survey.  However, if we consider those SG50 participants are PAP supporters. Then, the result is quite close to the 2011 GE and the recent (May 2015) Blackbox Research result - within a significant and confident level.

This means there is no improvement or slight improvement of support even with the passing of LKY and SG50 celebration.

Is this a high participation rate after all the promotion efforts in the mainstream media and ads in social media?  Perhaps, it is still too low.

As announced early, around 1.2 million households will receive National Day goodie bags through People’s Association.

The PAP is pushing very hard to reach you. If you don’t come to me, I will go to you. Nearly all households in Singapore, except those poor foreign workers staying in non-resident housing, will indirectly participate at this SG50 goodie event. If you still show no interest, PA will get their RC or CCC volunteers to deliver to you.  

By doing so, no household can claim they don’t know SG50 and its activities. This, in statistics, means all Singaporeans are now participating at the SG50 celebration with the NDP goodie bags, whether you like or don’t like it.

You can consider this is part of the PAP election campaign. In July, the PAP makes sure you have at least one goodie. In August, the PAP has already announced one more public holiday for SG50.  After receiving the goodies and extra holiday, you should know what to do next.  This is how the PAP plan their ideal marketing strategy. Will it work?

Will voters make decision in a straight line, like the traditional three-step model. The PAP uses MSM to stimulate voters’ interest. They then buy it and experience the life under the PAP.  

Or, in a digital world, under the Google’s model of Zero Moment of Truth, the result will be very different.  Voters make decision after they have experience life under the PAP. Besides MSM, they also look at alternative news, attending rally, coffee/taxi talks, etc.

What do you think? Can ZMOT make history in Singapore?

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