Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Year of Sex and the Coming of New Consciousness

Singapore 2012 is a year of sex. In fact, it is.  Only yesterday, readers of Zaobao had voted for the Chinese word Sex “se ()” as the representative word in 2012.  Never have we expected it comes so soon the arrival of another piece of sex news: the resignation of Michael Palmer over an affair.

2012 is an extra-ordinary year.  Never in history of Singapore we have so much news of this kind throughout the year; entertaining Singaporeans.  When everyone thinks there is a stop as the year closes, it just refuses to go away.  Just like the elections, it comes one after another.

Wow! We never expect to have so much sex news and so many by-elections and elections in a short period of time. Is it also a new normal? Is it a new consciousness in the making?

And we hope PM Lee can make up his decision on the by-election in Punngol- East soon. Legality is one but conscience is another.

The Court has given him the right to call by-election as he wishes. The ball is now in his hands and of course, he can hold on and refuses to call a by-election for voters in the Punngol-East single constituency.  The right to exercise the by-election option is even more difficult than the one in Hougang this time.

Perhaps, he should do a mini-General Election this time by retiring deadwood MPs and former ministers.  As a forward planning party, the PAP should have enough good quality candidates for this mid-term election.  He can test the water to check on his National Conversation and its effectiveness.   

We are like others

Who say Singaporeans are emotionless? We are human beings too.  Over the years, with selective reporting, the main stream media has printed a “clean” picture of Singapore.  However, we are no difference from others.  

“1 in 2 married people in S’pore considered divorce” is the headline story of today’s mypaper.  And the report said: “The study found that common issues causing stress within marriages include sexual impropriety and infidelity, interference by in-laws, as well as misaligned priorities and different aspirations.

It is alarming that so many married people are thinking of divorce.  One of the contributing factors to marriage stress is sexual impropriety and infidelity.

New media and consciousness

Singaporeans, especially the young, are exposed to social media. By now, all of them have known about the Michael Palmer’s affair.  This consciousness makes many old practices disappear. As a result, the PAP government finds it difficult to do things as they like in the past.

It is a new consciousness in many ways, from social, political, to even labour movement.  Can you imagine the SMRT strike is engineered by an email?  And SMS text is produced in Court as evidence for sex for contract case?

Will the arrival of new consciousness move Singapore into a first world state and a developed country?

Anyway, it will challenge the Singapore Conversation visibly and invisibly.

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