Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Immigrations are necessary systems but not the masters

“In any complex environment systems are necessary, but they must serve an organization rather than become its masters.”  - Ralph S. Larsen

The debate on our population, immigrations and foreign talents is necessary but we should not let them become the masters of everything in Singapore. When immigration and population systems become ‘auto pilot’, become our masters, then we will not able to judge objectively and fairly.

The ‘auto pilot’ thinking is that without the inflow of foreigners, being talents or workers, Singapore will be gone and there is no future here.  This mindset has become the centerpiece of government policy and it has directed the decision of the country’s planning.

So, the immigration and population issues have become systems and without these systems Singapore government cannot think, cannot plan and cannot run the economy. These issues and systems have since hijacked the rational ‘people’s action’ thinking of the government.  However, systems are to serve the organization or in this case, a country – Singapore.  Just like the MRT system is to serve the people not a system of profit making.  Once a people system becomes profit making, its masters have changed from the people to the money.

Hence, immigrations and population as systems are to serve Singapore and not become the masters of Singapore.

If these necessary systems become masters, they will rule our life and our future.   When we look at “Our Population, Our Future”, it must be a system not a master.  When we share our views, concerns, and aspirations, Singaporeans must be always reminded that we are the masters of the population policies.
Unfortunately, the PAP government has willingly or unwillingly given up its master status, master thinking authority to the systems of immigration and population.

Anything we talk and comment bad about the systems is bad for immigrations and foreigners.  As a result, the government shifts off its thinking process and downgrades its master status.  It then lets the systems runs by themselves – to let the immigration and population issues lead the thinking and decide the future direction of Singapore.

Because the government lets the immigration becomes master and let it decides, so the end result is a policy good for foreigners and bad for locals.     

In term of public relations it is good PR outside Singapore and bad PR inside Singapore.
Outside PR Good inside PR Poor

The handling of immigration issues by Singapore government is like a rotten apple: look good outside and bad inside. 

Our immigration policy has received many praises from foreigners but creates controversy and criticisms among Singaporeans.  It has become the dividing force not a unity power.

If you ask why the government PR and communications are so poor domestically, then you will have to understand who the masters are. The masters are the systems of immigration and population. The government has lost its control to the systems so the systems decide the pro-foreigners policy.

And naturally, the systems will take on the good PR campaign and communications outside Singapore.    

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