Saturday, 3 November 2018

Swiss living rather than seat warming in Goh’s new book

Instead of disclosing his seat warming experience, Goh Chok Tong should discuss his failed Swiss living for Singaporeans.   

Seat warming is his personal experience. Swiss living is for Singaporeans.  This is the tall order for politicians who really want to improve life and living standard of Singaporeans.

Personally, Goh has achieved his personal goal.

None of his objectives talk about Swiss living or in a general way, the life of Singaporeans.  During Goh Administration, our economy was growing, GDP per capita also increasing but not living standard.

It is important for Singaporeans to know why we are NOT able to achieve Swiss standard of living. Goh promotes Swiss living. He should explain why we cannot make it - why Singaporeans cannot enjoy the kind of life like Swiss.  

Is this due to our one-party democracy, checks and balances?

Is this due to our culture? Does Switzerland maintain and preserve their cultural roots better than us? Singapore ends up “bad English, bad Mandarin (Chinese)”, perhaps also bad Malay and bad Tamil.

By avoiding tall order question like Swiss living, Goh only concerns about himself - how a poor boy made it to the top. While the situation now and future is very different - inequality, rich-poor gap, education gap, etc.  This is the big picture that makes Swiss living so remote.

“Worry before the people and enjoy after the people.”
When Goh brought up the idea of Swiss living, he expressed his concern of Singaporeans - life of ordinary people.
Be concerned about the affairs of state before others, and enjoy comfort after others.
While Goh only completes the first part - only showing concerns.  This is not enough.

Indeed, he seems to enjoy his life before others and his comment on mediocre people proves it.

Goh is now more interested to raise ministers’ pay rather than his concern of ordinary Singaporeans.

It is not a wooden question.  
“Worry before the people and enjoy after the people.”

It is a real problem in Singapore:
“Worry after the people and enjoy before the people.”

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