Monday, 12 November 2018

PAP’s Biggest Mistake: Dishonorable son leads GE2019

As expected the dishonorable son#1, Lee Hsien Loong, will lead the People’s Action Party again in GE 2019.  Is Lee a suitable person to lead PAP in the coming election?. Will he become Najib No 2? While some may say Lee can be (UMNO) Mahathir No 1 when Mahathir sacked Anwar so it is still very safe for the PAP, maybe losing a few more seats.

The PAP and Lee are trying their luck. But it is bad for the party and perhaps bad for the country too. It seems none of the party members rejecting Lee leading GE 2019. Also, only concerned Singaporeans will think this arrangement is not the internal politics of the PAP.  

A better alternative is Tharman replacing Lee and remains as Prime Minister for a short term and then hands over power to the so-called fourth generation leaders - a situation like Goh Chok Tong.

Tharman, rather than Lee, is the better choice to lead PAP in GE 2019.

While it is too late and the PAP and Lee wants to try their luck. Remember the story of Najib removing Muhyiddin who is now Malaysian Home Minister. Najib removed his deputy that led to the emergence of (Bersatu) Mahathir No 2.  The rest of the story you can see in newspaper and social media everyday.

While such thing will never happen in Singapore as claimed by the PAP or Lee Hsien Loong.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday charted the path forward for the ruling People's Action Party (PAP), saying it must win the next general election convincingly by taking a centrist approach and uniting Singaporeans.
The party has only two years left to prepare for the next election, said Mr Lee, who is PAP secretary-general, as he outlined four things it must do to maintain good politics and keep improving people's lives.
He called on party members to understand and address Singaporeans' concerns, give people hope for the future, encourage inclusive politics and provide good leadership.

Not a word of reform

Lee Hsien Loong will lead a PAP without reform in GE 2019. What are the real meanings of “a centrist approach and uniting Singaporeans.” Are they related to reform?

PAP won the GE2015 by luck - the Lee Kuan Yew factor. Will they be as lucky as 2015 using the Raffles factor in 2019? No one knows. It is a luck and it can turn either way. However, Lee Hsien Loong wants to try his luck again.

Lee is now a controversial figure, without a mind of reform.

While for PAP to survive and Singapore to advance, an urgent need of reform is needed.

Source: Yahoo Singapore
George Yeo called for a PAP reform. Have we seen any changes since 2011?


Lee Hsien Loong prefers luck than reform. And so, the outcome will be….

Who carry Lee Kuan Yew’s values

In GE 2019, voters will also need to decide who really carries the values of Lee Kuan Yew - dishonorable son or others, including Lee siblings.

Today’s PAP under Lee Hsien Loong is different from the PAP in the early days. Do voters still believe Lee Hsien Loong as the promoter and protector of our funding values?

A reform is needed to restore the fundamental values of Singapore, 
the spirit of our national pledge and our Constitutions.  


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