Thursday, 7 July 2016

Dare to make mistakes and dare to check oneself mistakes?

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Dare to make mistakes when you are young.

‘Don’t be afraid to make mistakes’: PM Lee in Youth Day message

In a Facebook post, Mr Lee wished the “young and young at heart” a happy Youth Day.
“Your dreams today can become your passions tomorrow,” he said. “You can experiment, try things out and discover what you can be. The future often looks daunting, but go forth and create your own!”

When you are older, you, ‘ownself check ownself’, report mistakes only to 'ownself'.

SMRT train defects found in late 2013: Transport Ministry

Why are MRT trains being shipped back to its manufacturer?
Defects were found during a check of new trains manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and CSR Sifang in late 2013. There were a few hairline cracks on the car-body. These are superficial cracks (like those that show up on the walls of a new house). They are not structural cracks and are not safety-critical.


This is the best win-win strategy for making mistakes.

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  1. PAP mistakes are the best kept secrets in the universe!