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‘Double’ Endurance, Timing, Cooling-off, And Brexit.

‘Double’ Endurance, Timing, Cooling-off, And Brexit.

Zhang Liang meeting Huang Shigong and the wisdom of Taoism. []

Endurance is not a one-time endurance. It can be double endurance or endurance ^power of n. (一忍再忍). Besides endurance, timing and opportunity (时与机) are important considerations too.

The following video explains endurance and timing in the famous Zhang Liang meeting Huang Shigong story.

[Cooling-off Day]

In a Market Based Authoritarian Regime likes Singapore, the government can set up many traps  
to catch the oppositions or social activists.

Image result for traps The Way may look even. When you notice the trap, it may be too late.     

Image result for manholes

Sometimes, they just accidentally remove the cover of the manhole. Hence, the Way is not only uneven. It is full of obstacles. You are patient and careful enough with endurance. But you forget the timing. 

Cooling-off day requirement for general election or by-election works like a trap or a manhole. Double endurance is needed. This is also a timing issue which creates opportunity for cooling-off day issues.  

[Brexit - a trap? a manhole?]   

United Kingdom’s PM David Cameron promised to hold a Brexit referendum once he won his second term last year. He was so confident that he thought endurance and timing/opportunity were at his side.

Why he failed?

His endurance becomes the double endurance of the Leave camp. Why did we leave the EU  and other Brexit FAQs

PM Cameron failed to see the trap and he even removes the cover of the Remain manhole himself.

The lessons for Singaporeans are:

  • There is a clear difference between a market based authoritarian regime and a democracy.
  • The difference between a short and long campaign period. It can change the feng-shui of endurance and timing/opportunity.
  • In Taoism, when you fail, it means people are against you. 52% vs.48% indicates 4% more voters are against ‘Remain’.  
  • If a political party allows two different and opposing views, it will creates more endurance and timing issues. Both Labor and Conservative parties are facing leadership challenges, while UKIP and SNP do not have this problem.     
  • Endurance and timing is a game changer in UK. There are many ways to expose the trap and manhole. But in Singapore, the PAP has full control of the game.  It will be difficult to break the PAP Way and feng-shui.  

In a short brief, the PAP is showing concerns, worry and expressing uncertainty ahead.  However, internally, they are laughing at the British democracy that allows endurance and timing to work against themselves. As we all know the PAP only allows ‘ownself check ownself’.

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