Wednesday, 8 June 2016

10 Examples of Market Based Authoritarian Regime

10 Examples of Market Based Authoritarian Regime

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You make contributions, the government decides on distributions.
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The government controls the quantity, you decide the price.
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The government fits the supply, you have options to buy or not to buy.
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The government creates artificial competitions, you choose amongst the three GLCs.
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Every school is a good school, you have options for supplementary tuitions.
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The government draws the constituency boundaries, oppositions can then decide where to stand.  
The government defines cardboard collection as an exercise, you can choose not to join them.  
The government controls the number of beds in public hospitals, but you can go to private hospitals or JB for treatments.
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The government offers upgrading programs and you vote for them.
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Singapore domestic affairs is a closed economy, external market forces are not allowed in this monopoly.

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