Monday, 14 October 2013

From sex to tarts: a drop in corruption quality?

From spiritual sexual favours to bicycles, wines, and pineapple tarts #1, does it mean the quality of corruptions in Singapore drop to a new low level for civil servants?

This shows and proves corruption can happen in every level to every one whether senior or junior and whether high pay or low pay. When the PAP government designed the high compensation system for ministers and senior civil servants, they certainly underestimated how low the corruption standard and level could go.

So, the next time, when you hear about corruption cases, it may involve toilet papers, pencils, A4 papers and many other small items.

However, for this corruption case of pineapple tarts, I am particularly interested to know what is the duty and responsibility of a Chief of Protocol?  Chief of Protocol is the most senior officer to give first hand advice and knowledge to the government for a right diplomatic protocol.

Why is he just arranging small things like pineapple tarts and serving the right wines? These jobs can be easily done by a junior staff.  So, are we overpaying our senior civil servants for performing junior staff’s job?

Or, is it a case of putting talents in small uses? (大材小用). 

And how serious are the situations in Singapore civil service for underutilizing talents and over paying them? (Is the high salary policy just to keep talents in civil service and make sure they don’t join the private sectors? But in fact, in practice its aim is just under use their talents.)

If the Chief of Protocol is only good at arranging tarts and wines, then I am very worry about the right arrangement of diplomatic protocol at MFA. 

Let’s take a look at the US and see what happen there:

[The Office of the Chief of Protocol seeks to advance the foreign policy goals of the United States by creating an environment for successful diplomacy. Our team extends the first hand that welcomes presidents, prime ministers, ruling monarchs, and other leaders to our country. By serving on the front lines of diplomatic engagement, we promote cross-cultural exchange and build new bridges of understanding between people and governments around the world.]

If our Prime Minister is getting few times higher salary than President Obama, I think our Chief of Protocol should not be getting a lower pay than the US Chief of Protocol.   And their Chief of Protocol is not arranging pineapple tarts or wines but to seek a ‘successful diplomacy’.  

Why is PSC not making an official statement on the bond breaking issue?

I still cannot understand why a PSC’s scholarship matter#2 is not clarified by the Public Service Commission?  Can an MP represent PSC and issue a statement?

What kind of protocol is this?

Is PSC also acting like the Chief of Protocol caring only small things like pineapple tarts and wines? Talents working in PSC are again only for small uses (大材小用). And they leave the ‘small talent for big job’ (小材大用) to the MP.

Is using MP to make a PSC’s clarification a right protocol? Perhaps I don’t know the meaning of protocol, and the big or small uses of talents.   



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