Tuesday, 17 September 2013

From Cake Box to Ballot Box, Everything is Fine?

Yes.  All are fine.

According to Education Minister Heng Swee Kiat the cake box is a ‘total dedication to country’ and we need to emulate it. As for the ballot box, ‘the life of the ballot box ceases when the seal is broken’ based on the reply of Social and Family Development Minister Chan Chun Sing in Parliament. #

Everything is fine before the box is open whether it is a box of 90th birthday cake or a ballot box of voting papers.  According to Chan, ‘the life of a box starts once the box is sealed.’  The life of the box ends when it is open.

So, the PAP’s philosophy is not to open the box.  Once you open the PAP’s box either by accident or by voting, the PAP will have to end its life.

When we look at the mainstream reports of Lee Kuan Yew’s 90th birthday, the tribute in the Parliament and a special conference under Lee Kuan Yew etc. is this situation before or after the box is open?  Are we still thinking within the box? And are we afraid to open up the box to prepare a post-LKY era?

No wonder Lee Hsien Loong dared not open the box, he entrusted the duty to Chan to reply on his behalf in Parliament. Chan is not a minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office. And yet he has the honour to reply on behalf of the Prime Minister.  No wonder people call the newly promoted minister a potential future PM.

Let look at the cake box again.  What are inside the box?

Foreign policy cannot be ‘tool of partisan politics’# so only the PAP can touch the foreign affairs. No wonder no foreign visitors call on oppositions in Singapore.

Panelists discuss LKY’s use of defamation lawsuits and ISA.#  After the conference and discussion, the box of defamation lawsuits and ISA still cannot be opened.  These are still useful tools for the PAP in running Singapore.    

Because the box is a total dedication to Singapore, it cannot be opened by relaxing defamation lawsuits, ISA, one man intelligence agency, and even cleaning of toilets. The PAP will fight all the ways to make sure all boxes in a sealed position, not to be opened even after the passing of LKY.

What can Singaporeans do to open the box?

One natural way is by the ballot boxes.

But even that Chan said the police investigation so far shows no related offence.  The most he can suggest is to tighten ballot box handling. This is the standard ‘within the box’ replies of the PAP.   

It is not sure for what reason this important reply in Parliament is not personally given by the Prime Minister while he is not out of Singapore for official duty. He in fact was in Singapore and personally witnessing the cutting of the 90th birthday cake in Parliament. Is he intentionally or unintentionally avoid answering the ballot box question? Has he shown his respect to this very serious matter?  Or is he too afraid that Singaporeans use the ballot box to demand more and demand for change?  

From the 90th birthday books and reports to the explanation of ballot box, all show the unwillingness for change from the PAP side. They want to keep their golden era despite the passing of time.

One wonders how long can it last. The PAP cannot forever stop the opening of the cake box.  The PAP too cannot prevent change by ignoring the demand of the people through ballot boxes.  The right to vote is a duty of citizens and you can make a change and break the box.

# Today, 17 September 2013   


  1. What about the big wooden box used to house the dead? Can it be opened once it's sealed for eternity?

  2. What about the big wooden box used to house the dead? Can it be opened once it's sealed for eternity?