Friday, 27 April 2012

Next step: Moving unproductive Singaporeans out of Singapore

Judging from the latest development in our population strategies, some Singaporeans especially those unproductive and uncompetitive ones may have to leave our first world country and move to the third world countries.  The Prime Minister Office has claimed that new immigrants are “talents and good quality”. 

As compared to new citizens, old and existing citizens are not that talent and good quality.  So, with low earning power and capability, how can they live in our expensive first world country?  One option is to move out of Singapore with the sponsorship from the government.  Not to forget even foreigners staying here have commented that it is not the duty of the government to provide jobs to the citizens. Hence, these talented foreigners may also consider sponsoring the leaving of unproductive Singaporeans.

Asking unproductive and uncompetitive citizens to leave their home countries is not something new.  Japan has tried to move some citizens to Brazil before, especially those retirees and sick citizens. Not long ago, we also heard the suggestion of going to JB for cheaper medical care and old age nursing. It is not a surprise the next suggestion from our dear leader is to move out of Singapore and stay in the cheaper countries.

Suddenly we realize that there are citizens earning third world wages in our first world country. We also notice that there are inadequate medical cares for citizens.  It is a situation of having a first world medical environment and at the same time citizens are enjoying third world medical coverage and care. We should treat these problems seriously and with urgency.

So, we are a first world country yet also a third world country, depending on your earning power.  There is no way, citizens with third world wages and medical coverage can enjoy their lives here.    Unless, we can create an exclusive third world environment - cheaper housing, cheaper medical care, cheaper food etc. – for low income families in Singapore.  This is certain not possible because this little red dot has not land for the poor, for the exclusive low productivity zone.

The alternative perhaps is to send unproductive citizens to third world countries where they can continue to enjoy their lives with their third world income.  For this, the Singapore government may sponsor their daily expenses – just to keep them out of Singapore and leave the space for talent and good quality immigrants. This also makes economic sense: our land is for talents to maximize profit and not for low productivity, retired and old workers. The generated profit can well cover the sponsored daily expenses in the third world countries.  

This can be the next study of the National Population and Talent Division in the PMO.  Bring in 25,000 new young and talent immigrants and at the same time moving out the same number of old, unproductive and uncompetitive citizens to third world countries will definitely cut down our dependency ratio.  We also don’t have to worry about the total fertility rate.

Whenever there are suggestions different from the PAP, the government will paint a negative picture of the suggested proposals.   Some call it ‘scare tactics”.  But how far can the ‘scare tactics’ go? How frighten will the voters react and continue to support the PAP?

When you know one day you may be forced to move out of the country, not because of political reasons like the past, but the economical reason of living here, will you still support the PAP?   

Is “Loving Singapore, Our Home” still relevant to you? If you are forced to leave the country and seek residences in other low cost countries, will you still love Singapore and consider your home?

Act now before it is too late if you don’t want to be landed in a third world country. 

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