Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Aljunied Voters are absolutely right to reject Ong Ye Kung in 2011

Under protecting the citizens and over protecting the PAP government are what Ong Ye Kung is trying to promote. Luckily, Ong was rejected in Aljunied in 2011. However, he does a back-door listing by entering the parliament in another Group Representative Constituency.   

Aljunied voters had far sight in rejecting Ong Ye Kung. They rejected Ong for promoting one-party rule politics. They also rejected him for failing to protect citizens rights and supporting giving more protections to government upfront, without question.

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Ong Ye Kung is a potential future Prime Minister. While he has the potential for keeping the standard operating procedures of the PAP one-party politics. This is his potential that Singaporeans have to know - potential to maintain the status-quo.

These are the news headlines of Ong Ye Kung:  

One-party rule 'may be way for Singapore to succeed': Ong Ye Kung

Multi-party system has real long-term risks for Singapore: Ong Ye Kung

Multi-party political system in which parties align along sinister lines could ruin S’pore: Ye Kung

By selecting Ong as PM, for poor performers, like the case of Surbana Jurong, you will end up like “Trump: You’re fired.”  

Workers will be dismissed without due process and receive heartless treatments as claimed by Union.

19 January 2017

Surbana Jurong explains terminations in e-mail to staff

"How can we be the best in class and build a great organisation when employees are not concerned with how they are performing relative to their peers?" wrote Mr Wong in the e-mail seen by The Straits Times yesterday.
"More importantly, for those of us who want to do great things, why should our rewards be affected by a small group of colleagues who don't care about how their poor performance affects our performance negatively?
"We cannot allow our 1 per cent of poor performers to continue to affect the rest of the 99 per cent of staff who are performing." - the new paper

21 January 2017

Surbana ‘did not 
follow due process’ in sacking unionised staff

Unionists have spoken out against the sacking of 54 employees by Surbana Jurong, with one calling the move “heartless in the extreme”, while the Building Construction and Timber Industries Employees’ Union (Batu) has charged that due process was not observed for the affected employees who are union members. - Today
24 Jan 2017

Surbana Jurong says its dismissal of 54 workers 'could have been better managed' - Business Times

If you allow the PAP to continue the one-party politics, you will face a future of overpower the PAP government and under-power your rights.

First, you are fired without due process. When everything is done, after you complain, they just reply that things can be done better, better managed.    

Second, the law seems to give more protections to the government. The PAP has an absolute control of the parliament. They can easily pass bills to give themselves more power and more protections, like the case of the amendments to the Protection from Harassment Act (Poha).

24 January 2017

Opposition questions why Govt did not state upfront in Parliament the need to use Act for protection from falsehoods

SINGAPORE — The Workers’ Party (WP) on Monday (Jan 23) pressed the Government on the issue of amending the Protection from Harassment Act (Poha) to allow entities — including government bodies — to seek protection against false statements, questioning why the Government needed such extensive provisions under the law given the vast resources it has to put across information in the public domain.
It also again questioned why it was not stated in Parliament in an upfront and unambiguous manner when passing the Act in 2014 that there was a need to protect the Government — and not just individuals — from either false information or harassment. - Today

The voters in Aljunied GRC had rejected Ong Ye Kung. This is a clear rejection of one-party rule, one-party state. Perhaps, Ong can consider standing in Aljunied GRC again to prove his “One-party rule 'may be way for Singapore to succeed' and Multi-party system has real long-term risks for Singapore.”

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