Monday, 15 December 2014

PAP is like an iPhone 3, an oldie.

SG50 is a singing oldie, recalling the good old days, the Kampung spirit, the Hokkien platoons, the Mata Mata etc. Just look at the Pioneer Package, the goodies for senior citizens, the so-called CPF relax, oh, how ‘oldie’ it is!   
The PAP always claims that oldie is good as old horse can find the way when Singapore needs direction. However, the PAP old horse will miss the Way (of justice and fairness) when Singapore becomes a smart nation. Even before becoming a smart nation, Singaporeans have already defined the PAP as an oldie, an iPhone 3. Today, when you give people iPhone 5, they will ask for iPhone 6 instead. Just heard over the radio, a father gives his son an iPhone 6 as birthday present.  

The PAP old horse also wants Singaporeans to love Singapore. The oldie is love Singapore = love PAP. This is why SG50 wants to sing the oldie, perhaps using iPhone 3 technology.

I have to re-use my iPhone 3 as my new smartphone was out of use. In many ways, iPhone 3 is still a good smartphone - reliable and workable even we enter the era of 4G technology.  It is like the PAP. You can’t deny its functionality and workability but fashionable and trendiness. However, my iPhone 3 needs SIM card adapter, has battery problem and it is not so smart when comes to wechat. Selfie is not possible too.

The PAP says they work like horse for the good of Singapore. They work hard so they demand high compensation. They believe they are the only one in Singapore can do the delivery. Oh, no, even Apple does not dare to say they are the only smartphone company in the world.

However, Singapore has changed. Carrying an iPhone 3 or driving an old E200 horse is out of fashion, especially for the younger generation. This is like the PAP, like PM Lee, always presenting their rigid mentality. Even for election date, the reply is so rigid. The PAP says they have solution for Singapore and the oppositions have no policy, no vision at all.

People want options. They not only want iPhone 6, new upgraded E250, they also want other brands of smartphones and cars. This is the world of consumers. This is the capitalist market system that consumption is the key profitable factor. And the PAP has been educating Singaporeans this in the past 50 years - make money and spend. They relax the use of CPF money so that they can increase consumption in property market, health-care services, insurance and investment.

How can we ignore the consumption trend in political competition? How can we prevent market competition and prevent it from spreading to general election? In fact, this expansion in Singapore takes place very late as compared to emerging economies and other countries when their middle class emerges. The PAP has cleverly delayed this expansion to political front. And now it is Singapore’s turn.

Perhaps, PM Lee wants to call a snap election like PM Abe of Japan. The LDP and partner easily get two-thirds majority in the lower house because of a weak and unprepared oppositions. It is a dream election result that the PAP is looking for - no worry about who forms the government.  

Will PM Lee do this as no one is expecting it will come so soon? He can then continue to sell his iPhone 3 and oldie solutions to Singaporeans, like the Abenomics to Japanese voters. It is really a wonderful dream even they don't believe Abenomics, Japanese voters still vote for LDP!

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