Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Changed Malaysia, different values!

Malaysia has a new government, ending 61 years rule of Barisan Nasional.  

A changed Malaysia means different values - majority agreed to have more democracy, justice, free and fair. While there is also a strong showing of religious values and regional rights.    

The new Pakatan Harapan federal government will have to deal with these different values, a long overdue correction of the past mistakes of BN. Ironically, some mistakes are also contributed by the new prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad whose 22-year rule further divided the society, races and even the relationship with the rulers.

Thanks God Najib’s race card, money politics, goodies, have all failed. His corrupted values and principals are rejected by Malaysians. Najib, as prime minister, has the strength as he can use the state machinery freely.   

While as Laozi pointed out, Najib fails to see the true and real power as he does not master himself well. Najib is not acting from his heart. His mind is full of strength but without heart understanding of the people - their sufferings, poverty, cost of living, fair distribution, and even rule of laws.

Najib also downgrades Malaysia international standing as Malaysian Official Number One. He fails to master himself.

He creates and promote sub-standard values, far away from the founding Malaysia’s values and principals. Malaysians see his kleptocratic BN government no different from corrupted third world countries.

A change is a challenge. Malaysians wants a change and look forward for a better tomorrow.

Congratulations to Malaysia, Malaysians, all the best!

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